Early identification of financial problems among employees or clients can prevent aggravation. What can you look for as a professional and how can you offer help?

Early recognition of financial problems is important. It often makes the approach easier and the impact on the debtor remains limited. The social damage is also smaller if the debts can be settled at an early stage.


We often only notice it when someone is already in debt and, for example, are starting to use house removal or payroll. But there are often signs that have been noticed before. For example, think of:

  • payment arrears
  • often late to pay
  • do not respond to mail
  • absence
  • stress
  • many calling creditors

Debts almost never come alone. Often there is multi-issue. If you know that there are other problems, ask for someone’s financial situation. If someone does not know this or if it turns out that he has lost control, that is the biggest predictor of financial problems.

Make it negotiable

Discussing financial problems is often difficult. Attention and policy are required. A first step is to discuss financial problems within your organization and your board: ‘How do we deal with it?’

The second step is: ‘How do we bring the theme to the attention?’. If financial problems are more likely to ‘drop by’ (for example, as a subject in your newsletter), the threshold for talking about it will be lower.

  • The Bank-Geldkrant, edition De Wolden is distributed door-to-door, as part of the ‘Grip on your cut’ campaign in the municipality of Drenthe.

Preventing problems: grip on money

What can you do to help a customer with starting financial problems get things back in hand?

  • Grip on money prevents financial problems. Bank has developed a step-by-step plan with which a consumer can get and keep a grip on money. Assign your clients / employees to these four steps.
  • One of the steps is to apply for income support schemes, for example via rekenuwrecht.nl . Many people have money left, while they have trouble surviving. There is also a lot of money left at the tax authorities. Declarations can still be made up to 5 years. A good tip for your clients!
  • With the repayment plan on zelfjeschuldenregelen.nl , people can work out a step-by-step solution to their starting debts.
  • Offer guidance on major events such as a move. Tell your client where he or she can find help. In this way they can get a grip on their money in the new situation as quickly as possible.
  • Bank also offers materials and courses to support your client. Read more: For your client .
  • Guide: ‘Promoting financially sound behavior’. This free guide provides practical recommendations to help people with debt to promote their financial behavior.