If you can no longer pay your bills, the problems can accumulate quickly. You receive reminders or there is a bailiff on the sidewalk. Maybe you worry about money. There are addresses where you can go for help.

If your financial problems are too much for you, you can ask for help. You can then turn to a debt assistance organization in your municipality. Initially, the debt counselor will try to find a solution directly with the creditors. This is the so-called amicable process . If that does not work, the judge will be asked for a solution. That is the legal process (the WSNP).

Where can you go?

If you have debts, there are organizations that can help you. You can contact organizations that provide personal help or advice. Both financially and legally. Inquire about this at your municipality.

You can think of:

  • Social work
  • Debt counseling department municipality
  • Neighborhood or neighborhood teams
  • Credit bank
  • Legal desk
  • Social counselors


Starting debts

Doing your own (starting) debts yourself? This is possible with the help of the Nibud website zelfjeschuldenregelen.nl . In six steps you work out a realistic action plan to make payment proposals to your creditors. With sample letters.

Debts and own house

Help with debt and your own home? The site huisonderwater.eu offers assistance with mapping your situation, so that you can determine whether it is necessary to take action.

Always contact your mortgage provider for payment arrears. If more information about the cause of the payment arrears and your financial situation is known, in many cases a suitable solution can be offered. Research by the AFM (Financial Markets Authority) shows that mortgage providers sometimes charge no or less costs.

Help with stress and worries

Debts can cause a lot of stress. You may feel insecure, powerless or lonely. Money problems can also lead to quarrels or relationship problems. These concerns can stand in the way of solving your financial problems. It can be nice to look for practical, emotional help as well.

With the helpers of MIND Korrelatie (telephone: 0900 – 1450, € 0.15 per minute) you can talk about your emotions. They can advise you on help and support in your area. That can be a first step to regain control.