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It was in 2012 that the famous Kickstarter for Broken Age (then known as Double Fine Adventure Game) was launched. The original game would eventually turn into two games (Broken Age: Act 1 and Broken Age: Act 2) and then those two would be merged into one (Broken Age: The Complete Edition).

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Now Broken Age is inexpensive and readily available on a number of platforms. This means that there has never been a better time to play this hilarious entry in the point-and-click genre. However, there are a few things you might want to know before you start your adventure before you jump in head first.

ten Scan the screen

Broken Age, Vella exploring Meriloft

If you are new to the genre, this will be the most important advice you can receive. Whenever you enter an area, you must first scan it with your eyes and then with your cursor. If something is strange or interesting, then you should try to interact with it.

This is how you will find a certain number of objects as well as the places to put many objects. This is especially important in the first act of the game, where the majority of the puzzles are about locating an object and getting it to the right place or the right person.


9 Escape every dialogue option

Broken age, tree joke dialog options

This isn’t a clue as to how to progress through the game or how best to solve the puzzles – of course, exhausting all options can help with some of them, but that’s not the point. Dialogue is what you are here for. It’s extremely well written and always funny. If you’re playing Broken Age, you really want to see it all.

Some of the best jokes are going to be stuck in the middle of a completely optional chain of dialogue. So what if you aren’t interested in the fun dialogue? Well what that says is Broken Age probably isn’t for you. The script is the meat and potatoes of this game.

8 He has a cast of All-Star voice actors

Broken Age, Elijah Wood Is Shay (from the official Double Fine YouTube channel)

Two of the voice actors in this game have been headliners in feature films. Most of the other voices were provided by leading talent in the industry as well as a number of actors from a wide assortment of animated films and shows.

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It’s a lot of fun going into Broken Age without knowing who’s playing who, because you’re constantly going to be trying to tie the voices of different characters together. Broken Age may have been created by an independent studio (at the time) and crowdfunded by regular joes, but the voice cast is impeccable.

seven Relax and enjoy act 1

Elie Wood of the Broken Age in the Mission Dinner

Look, Broken Age Act 1 really isn’t a game meant to break your head. The days of LucasArts’ lunar logic are, for better or for worse, over. The Broken Age has puzzles, but many of them are pretty easy. They are not really the point. The setting, the characters and the humor are what you’re here for.

If you walk into the first act expecting a throwback to a classic adventure game, you’re going to be disappointed. Take it for what it is – a fun adventure full of personality with a great sense of humor. Plus, if you want more satisfying puzzles, Act 2 just might have what you’re looking for …

6 Set your course for act 2

Broken age, rewiring puzzle

While the first act of Broken Age contains some very simple logic puzzles, Act 2 intensifies the nonsense and brings us back a little taste of the lunar logic of the adventure title LucasArts. Those who felt a little overwhelmed by the puzzles of the first act are much more likely to be delighted with the second.

However, if you really enjoyed the laid-back first act and don’t like twisting your mind like a pretzel to make it understand some weird logic, then you might want to consider having a guide handy. so you can just have fun with the story and the setting.

5 It’s probably important …

Broken Age, catching an over-enthusiastic squid

If there is something or someone that you can interact with, you have to be careful. It’s easy to miss a detail that has been handed to you on a silver platter. A number of things exist exclusively as a vehicle for a joke, but the majority of what you interact with is there for a reason.

Make sure you don’t ignore something that may be vital for a later puzzle. Write down anything that might not make sense to you right now, but looks like it might help you later – it probably will.

4 A pen and paper will come in handy

Broken Age, looking at a missing poster for Vella

The puzzles are more difficult in the second act, but you can help alleviate the difficulty by having a pen and paper nearby. There are a few puzzles where you will switch between Shay and Vella; these will become considerably easier if you have a piece of paper to write the information on.

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This will be especially useful when you start rewiring robots (yes, this is something you will do more than once). Believe us when we say pen and paper can relieve a lot of pain here.

3 It’s not a huge time investment

Broken age, suspicious looking Marek

If you’re looking for a short game with a lot of character, Broken Age may have you covered. Even though the full two-act game was once two separate games, it could easily be completed in about ten hours. If you’re looking to soak up the vibe, or get stuck on a bunch of puzzles, this will obviously take you a bit longer.

If you’re playing with a guide (because you might just be interested in humor), you’ll likely finish it in about eight. This makes for a great weekend game, or maybe a palette cleaner for people coming out of something that was a bit long.

2 The second act doesn’t add any new parameters to explore

Broken Age, showing the damaged ship in the second act

At the time of release, this was the biggest criticism people had of the second act of Broken Age. Not to spoil anything, but the second act sees you moving around the same environments, although they were all affected by what happened in the first act.

So if you are expecting to see a number of different environments, you need to adjust your expectations now. That being said, there is enough new content in every location to keep things interesting, so don’t let that aspect put you off.

1 It’s family

Broken age, sons of sons stuck in an avalanche of ice cream

If you’re about to play Broken Age and wondering if your kids are watching it with you, or maybe you want to introduce them to the adventure game genre, fear not: Broken Age is perfect. for adventurous children. No writing is made for kids, so it doesn’t have that terrible, condescending tone that some children’s media can have, but there’s nothing particularly objectionable about it either.

You can hear people refer to the “maiden sacrifice” or the “bloodthirsty conscious knife” in Broken Age and worry, but all of this is treated with an enormous amount of lightness; there are dark jokes here and there, but nothing is ever explicit or exaggerated. In addition, the first act is perfect for an introduction to adventure games. Although your younger ones may need your help with the second act.

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