3 best practices for product managers to drive adoption of Emotion AI technology



LOS ANGELES, July 6, 2020 / PRNewswire / – A recent report from Gartner titled 3 best practices for product managers to drive adoption of Emotion AI technology (ID: G00717124) (Gartner subscription required) names Behavioral signals as a provider of emotional AI in voice-based emotion analysis that deployed a commercial product that was successful in achieving strong results. Analysts Annette zimmermann and Brian doherty is the author of the report which was published on June 11, 2020.

The report presents the recent deployment of Behavioral Signals with a European National Bank as a business example that follows the 3 best practices that product managers can implement to drive adoption of emotional AI technology. Behavioral Signals created a predictive model using conversational analytics and behavioral traits to match clients with the best suited bank agents to collect and restructure as many non-performing loans as possible through its in-house call center.

“Live data implementation results indicate a 20% increase in active debt restructuring requests with 7.6% fewer calls,” said Rana gujral, CEO of Behavioral Signals. “These results correspond to approximately $ 7.5 million of additional restructured debt during this implementation which extrapolates to a $ 1.5M per agent per year or a total of $ 300 million annual increase for the bank. “

Behavioral Signals’ AI ability to predict intention by distinguishing between pitch and tonal variance of audio instead of actual words spoken makes their data exceptionally rich and accurate, which has helped drive adoption. technology by the bank. As a result, advanced use cases like behavioral profile coupling are possible without ever converting audio to text. This new approach also offers increased confidentiality. No other sensitive customer data, such as demographic and transactional data, had to be extracted for this purpose.

About behavioral signals
Founded in 2016, Behavioral Signals improves human-human-to-machine communication by inferring intelligent, actionable information from the voice using deep learning and NLP. Behavioral Signals brings a new level of customer understanding and takes advantage of its advanced acoustic engine to not only discover true emotion, but also predict speaker intention via behavioral analysis. The offices are in Europe and Los Angeles, CA. https://behavioralsignals.com/

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