A new book celebrating blended Scotch whiskeys


A new book exploring the world of blended whiskeys has been released.

The International Wine and Food Society has published Exploring Blended Scotch, investigating a subject which the authors say has not received the coverage it deserves – the pure delights of blended Scotch whiskey – revealing many hidden treasures of this which is the “foundation of the Scotch whiskey industry”.

The IWFS has agreed that blended Scotch is a style of whiskey that deserves further investigation and has issued this almost pocket-size booklet for its members and beyond.

Chapters covered include its fascinating history, blending, appreciation, main blends, old blends, cocktails, pairing whiskey with food, and finishing with delicious recipes.

Exploring Blended Scotch is the result of a collaboration between two writers from both sides of the Atlantic. It was co-authored by Charles MacLean MBE, one of Scotland’s foremost experts on whiskey writing, tasting and lecturing, and Stuart Leaf, an avid collector and taster of ancient blends (and member of the IWFS).

They first met over a glass of Scotch in Edinburgh three years ago.

Stuart said: “While conducting joint tastings has been a challenge across the Atlantic, writing this monograph has been a really fun and engaging distraction in the depths of Covid. Needless to say, most of the threads were dutifully spiced up with proper dram!

Exploring Blended Scotch aims to provide insight into an exciting range of different blends, old and new, that Scotch lovers are encouraged to try. It may also be the introduction newcomers to the delights of whiskey are looking for.

In addition to being distributed to the 6,000 international members of the IWFS, which has branches from Toronto to Tokyo and Honolulu to Helsinki, this title is also available to the public and commercially.

This title can be purchased on the IWFS website HERE. The cover price is £9.99. A Japanese translation will be published in February. An e-book will also be available through various platforms in due course.

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