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( Do you think the decision made about you is wrong? Want to have a second chance? Writing a letter of appeal is a good opportunity to provide the facts that can help you reach the goal. You should follow the advice on how to write a high quality appeal letter before sending it out. Make sure you understand the purpose of writing this type of letter and get started.

Main characteristics of a letter of appeal

Experts from ResumeCvWriter say that the letter of appeal is perhaps the most common form of business correspondence. The number of situations which oblige to draft an appeal is incalculable. It is about obtaining information, coordinating actions, encouraging any action, etc. The letter is written in free form, by hand or electronically, and has many characteristics:

  • The language should be close to official language, concise, competent, as unemotional as possible, without using offensive language or ambiguous expressions.
  • Events should be presented coherently, the situation is presented as objectively as possible, but at the same time, briefly and clearly, without unnecessary detail.
  • It is desirable that the volume of the call does not exceed one A4 sheet. The letter must be accompanied by documents confirming the arguments.

The composition and structure of the letter is not much different from standard formal letters. Typically, the letter text consists of two parts which we will cover below.

Tips for writing the introductory part

The essence of the case is stated in a narrative form, explains the grounds, the reasons for the appeal. The following standard expressions are often used here. The reason for the appeal:

  • Due to non-receipt;
  • Given the social importance;
  • In view of (our many years of cooperation);
  • Considering (the lasting and fruitful nature of our commercial relations);
  • Due to the inconsistency of your actions with previous agreements;
  • Due to the delay in receiving the goods;
  • Based on the results of negotiations on;

When writing about the call objective, use the following phrases:

  • To execute the command;
  • To quickly solve the problem;
  • Agree on the problems;
  • To ensure safety;
  • To avoid conflict situations, etc.

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  • Following the agreement concluded previously;
  • As part of the call to our address;
  • Based on verbal agreement;
  • Based on our telephone conversation;
  • According to the government decree;
  • According to protocol, etc.

All the expressions listed should be used taking into account the context and the speaking situation.

Almost all standard expressions begin with a derived preposition or a prepositional combination. You should pay attention to the correctness of the use of these prepositions with nouns, which are mainly in the genitive and the dative.

What should be included in the call itself?

Here, the key phrase for the letter includes words formed from the verb ask. Its use is explained by the etiquette requirements for business texts and the psychological laws of business communication – a person is more willing to agree to perform an action expressed in the form of a request than in the form of ‘a demand.

In some cases, the very descriptive request itself may not contain this verb, for example, We hope you will find it possible to review our proposal within the time allowed.

The request can be presented in the first person singular (“I ask…”), in the first person plural (“We ask…”), in the third person singular (in this case, collective nouns are used: “Management requests …”, “Administration requests …”, “Collective labor council requests …”, etc., in the third person plural, if several names with a collective meaning are used (Administration and Collective Labor Council are demand).

If the letter of appeal is multidimensional, then the composition of the second part of such a letter may look like this: the parts of the composition should correspond to the division of paragraphs of the text.

How to interest the recipient:

  • Observe a respectful tone for a particular person, a group of people;
  • Indicate why the request is being sent to this person;
  • Convince the recipient that the execution of the request will bring him a profit. It can be the realization of an attractive opportunity for the recipient or the solution of problems which concern him;
  • Describe the problem so that it touches the recipient deeply.

It is recommended not to write a long text of a letter of appeal – the recipient may not read it to the end. From a legal and psychological point of view, it is also important to write a document, this forms the correct image, “shows the personality” of the sender.

Things to keep in mind when writing an appeal letter

A man of tact, possessing one syllable, having experience in business correspondence can write a very good convincing call. You have to understand the psychological aspects, be able to put yourself in the recipient’s shoes, try to appeal in such a way that it is interesting and, perhaps, from a certain point of view, beneficial.

Consider the following recommendations:

  1. In making your appeal, underline your interest or your organization’s interest in its execution.
  2. Never start a letter with the word “Please…” – it is more difficult to explain the reasons for your appeal first (even if all the details have already been agreed with the recipient).
  3. Don’t rush to thank the recipient in advance. That way you put yourself and the recipient in an awkward position. Give thanks when you find out that your appeal letter is satisfied.

Hope the above tips help you create a well formatted letter and achieve the goal you are pursuing. No time to write a letter yourself? Ask professionals to Edit ProofRead to help you!

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