Author and educator Gail P. Kahn tells an entertaining and informative story about the majestic elephant in “The Tale of Tumeleng”



Author Gail P. Kahn offers an engaging picture book where children and adults alike learn about elephants while being captivated by an awe-inspiring and heartwarming story.

Veteran author and educator Ryke Leigh Douglas, named Gail P. Kahn, presents an outstanding picture book on the world stage with “The Tale of Tumeleng”, which revolves around a young elephant named Tumeleng growing up in Africa.

While the elephant is a creature commonly depicted in children’s books, Tumeleng takes it to the next level by providing readers with an exceptionally attractive character while preserving its animal nature.

The story begins with Jabari, a male elephant, who takes the initiative to defend the herd against the hyenas. When Jabari’s daughter Tumeleng is born, she aims to follow the herd as they move to a new waterhole.

As Tumeleng grows up and learns to survive in a world filled with dangers and environmental challenges, the reader discovers that these majestic, sociable animals are not just the largest animals in the world.

“The script highlights their high level of intelligence, human qualities and behaviors, which include their keen sense of responsibility towards their young people, their respect, concern and compassion for one another and their efforts to maintain the ‘harmony. in the herd,’ says Douglas.

One of the reviewers on Amazon applauded him for capturing the spirit of elephants perfectly: although these animals are huge and powerful, they have this great sense of respect, affection and love for each other. others. They travel in herds to find food and water while still sharing with each other.

Douglas is a seasoned educator dedicated to helping children discover the joy of reading and the magic of books. She holds a master’s degree in reading from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania.

Douglas strives to provide parents and teachers with entertaining stories that lend themselves to developing positive attitudes, good character traits, and creative thinking.

When not writing, Douglas enjoys visiting schools, museums, libraries, and preschool learning centers to share her stories and encourage children to develop their own writing skills with a program she developed titled The Writer’s Tool Box.

Another book reviewer praised the book for creating a “great children’s masterpiece with an important message for all ages.”

“I think every child will fall in love with Tumeleng, who has an adventurous spirit and is the cutest elephant you’ve ever read,” said Beatriz, who also praised the book’s creative cover.

Beatriz says Tumeleng’s Tale is a great book for people to think about the importance of bravery and how it is normal for children to be afraid.

“With the strength of family and friends, children can overcome these frustrations,” says Beatriz, adding that the book offers “all the great values ​​to pass on to children.”

Those interested in getting a copy of the excellent picture book can purchase it from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Book Depository.

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