Bowlers Journal kicks off 2022 with a fresh new look and exciting new features

ARLINGTON, TX- The start of a new year offers a perfect opportunity for a clean slate, redirection and personal transformation, and all of this will be true for Bowlers Journal International magazine, which has been completely redesigned for 2022.

The timeless favorite will continue to be the premiere bowling news publication, as it has been for over a century, but will have a new look, new topics and more artwork and photos. amazing than ever.

The last magazine was redesigned in 2008, but it’s much more than that.

The primary focus of the monthly content will shift from industry-based news to telling the stories of the sport’s brightest stars and USBC’s most dedicated members.

Take a look at the latest issue here.

Many changes are based on sports trends and an internal review process to help determine what subscribers would like to read, see more or learn more about as bowling fans and competitors, and the new layout is the result of extensive research. project that looked at some of the world’s most popular magazines and entertainment sites.

“The unification of the United States Bowling Congress and Bowlers Journal International in 2020 has opened the door to a great opportunity to use the magazine’s tradition and reputation, as well as readership loyalty, to share the stories of our sport and of our organization,” said USBC President Melissa McDaniel. “We are now thrilled to deliver a product that focuses on readers, our members, and the things that matter most to them.”

Bowlers Journal content will continue to be led by Editor-in-Chief Gianmarc Manzione, and loyalists will still be able to hear from their favorite writers and columnists each month, but the stories will focus more on human interest and the amazing people of bowling.

There will be stories of success on the slopes, stories of perseverance off the slopes, advice from coaches and professionals, advice on health and well-being and conscious balance to celebrate the sport’s rich history and its exciting future at the same time.

Bowlers Journal International was first published in 1913 and is the nation’s oldest monthly sports magazine. Its pages and archives chronicle the colorful evolution of bowling, and that will continue to be the focus.

In 1994 the company was sold to two longtime employees, Keith Hamilton and Mike Panozzo. Panozzo is still the magazine’s publisher and is an integral part of the new management.

“Our goal has always been to tell the stories of our sport in an informative and entertaining way,” Panozzo said. “With Gianmarc’s continued editorial leadership, that part won’t change, but we know that the way people prefer to consume content and information is constantly changing. We want to deliver our stories in a way that appeals to all generations of bowlers and readers. A lot of research and time has gone into assessing what would excite people about bowling and finding the best and most modern way to do it.”

In 2022 and beyond, advertising space in the magazine will be limited, meaning less disruption to stories and visuals, and more room to expand coverage and new offerings.

The magazine is available digitally and in print. All issues from the past 12 months are available in the digital archive on

For those who appreciate the free preview of the January 2022 issue, there is a limited-time subscription offer available until February 28.

A one-year subscription costs $25 and a two-year subscription costs $35. Anyone who chooses the two-year option can add a third year for just $1 more.

To activate the special offer, click on here or visit

The Bowlers Journal name will also remain as part of one of the oldest events in the sport – the Bowlers Journal Championships.

The tournament will celebrate its 75th anniversary alongside the USBC Open Championships, and all entrants will receive a free one-year magazine subscription with their first Las Vegas singles entry.

The anniversary edition of the Bowlers Journal Championships will take place at the South Point Bowling Center from March 11 through July 17.


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