Doctor Who Streaming Guide: Where to Watch Doctor Who Online



Doctor Who is the oldest science fiction show on the planet. That’s right, the story of an alien and his blue box has been around for almost 60 years, and our Doctor Who streaming guide is here to help you uncover it all.

It’s easy to see why Doctor Who has endured. It’s a glorious adventure through time and space, seeing aliens from mystical planets beyond our wildest imaginations or dabbling in our own history. Doctor Who is the quintessential science fiction show.

With 13 series in the new incarnation of Doctor Who, also known as New Who, five Doctors, a host of villains, and a bunch of wonderful companions – all of which we let fight in our Doctor Who Companion rundown, ranked. There’s a lot to ramble on, and it was right after 2005 when the show returned starring Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper. The original series, which began in 1963, lasted almost 30 years before it was canceled in 1989. With it, seven Doctors, the genesis of the Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans, and much more.

What we’re saying is that there are a lot of Doctor Who, a whopping 862 episodes (at the time of writing) and that number is only going to grow. With a new showrunner in Russell T. Davis and a new Doctor on the horizon, Doctor Who is getting better and better. Fortunately, our Doctor Who streaming guide can help you watch them all online (well, aside from the missing episodes).

If you’re looking for more interesting Who content, you can also check out our Doctor Who Doctors ranked article. You can also see who we think should be the next Doctor Who.

Where to watch Doctor Who in the United States?

Doctor Who

(Image credit: BBC)

Doctor Who may only recently have made a huge impression in America, but he’s here to stay with fans across the United States bewitched by this most British tale. Even aliens have British overtones. As a result, most Americans may never have known Doctor Who in black and white, or seen Doctors before Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant outside of the show’s weird callback.

If you’re looking for a Doctor Who history lesson, Britbox is the place to go. Home of classic British television, Britbox has cultivated a huge Doctor Who library. So you can start where it all started, fall in love with the one and only Tom Baker, and decide for yourself if the show really should have been canceled with Slyvester McCoy.

If you love your Doctor Who after 2005, then HBO Max has you covered and will continue to do so for at least the next two seasons of The Doctor’s Travels.

  • New Doctor Who episodes (2005-present) – HBO Max
  • Classic doctor who (1963-1989) – Britbox (subscription required)

Where to watch Doctor Who in the UK?

Doctor Who

(Image credit: BBC)

In the UK, the BBC is the place to go. Having been the home of the series for over half a century, it would be unthinkable for most Britons to even consider watching Doctor Who anywhere else. One of the BBC’s heavyweights since his return in 2005, Doctor Who will soon be celebrating his 60th birthday. Can we expect another multi-doctoral story like “Day of the Doctor”? Only time will tell.

If you watch in the UK there are new episodes streaming live on BBC One. Following the show’s withdrawal from Netflix, BBC iPlayer is home to modern Doctor Who in the UK. This is where you can relive ‘Blink’ or see a very fresh-faced David Tennant again. Britbox, with its classic British TV appeal, has claimed Classic Doctor Who and is home to over 600 sci-fi episodes.

  • New Doctor Who episodes (2005-present) – BBC iPlayer
  • Classic doctor who (1963-1989) – Britbox (subscription required)



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