Dreame continues to grow as a global reading platform company


Dreame continues to grow as a global entertainment company made up of passionate young people with prior experience operating reading platforms.

We continue to establish partnerships with relevant entities around the world, and we are also actively developing areas such as audiobooks, interactive games, movies, drama series and more,says CEO Alan Fu.

In March 2020, Dreame was ranked as the best reading app in over 100 countries by App Annie.

Our growth highlights the potential of original stories online, indicating an upcoming trend towards web fiction markets,Fu said.

As of 2020, Dreame is now a registered trademark in Singapore, the Philippines, New Zealand and the European Union in categories 9 and 41. And in November 2021, Dreame welcomed the popular actor from the Philippines, Paulo Avelino, as its brand ambassador.

It is gratifying to have launched Dreame with a series of products that have engaged and entertained tens of millions of users worldwide,adds Fu.

We are proud to be a pioneer in the online literature industry, accumulating over 300,000 books in over 20 languages ​​and aim to further develop the Dreame platform into a global leader in versatile entertainment in the near future. .

Dreame is a web fiction and online literature reading platform aimed at a global audience, but also offers audiobooks, interactive games, web comics and a wide range of development and operation services. intellectual property for creators.

In addition to posting original works on Dreame’s multilingual platform, writers can participate in events and contests designed to entertain both readers and writers while exploring the platform.

On this platform, various creative contents meet, and writers will be encouraged to diversify their creations. Its “Writers Benefits” allow writers to benefit from personalized advice from its editors and free courses from its online academy. They can also be inspired and motivated by readers’ comments on their work.

Dreame was launched in August 2018 by Alan Fu, with his Singaporean company, STARY PTE. LTD, with the aim of going global.

On December 22, 2020, Dreame launched a special event in collaboration with a local NGO in the Philippines. They provided financial assistance to those affected by Typhoon Ulysses and a $10,000 donation was made to help typhoon-affected perpetrators in the area.

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