ED agents acting as screenwriters, says lawyer for ex-Maharashtra minister Anil Deshmukh’s son



Arguing for bail before the arrest of the son of former Home Secretary Anil Deshmukh, Hrishikesh Deshmukh, his lawyer told a special court that officers from the Directorate of Enforcement (ED) were acting as screenwriters.

Lawyer Vikram Chaudhri made this argument against the backdrop of the agency’s opposition to young Deshmukh’s request for early bail, stating that there were unsecured loans obtained for a Deshmukh family business. whose daily activities were managed by Hrishikesh. He stressed that no written agreement had been reached for such unsecured loans. Attorney Chaudhri said, “If I have taken out unsecured loans, what is ‘suspicious’ about it? Any loan can be no deal. There is sensationalism in the investigation, ”he said, adding that the emergency officer was acting“ like a screenwriter ”.

The ED claimed that Hrishikesh Deshmukh laundered the money his father obtained by extorting bars and restaurants by abusing his post as Home Secretary. Her indictment in the case, while Anil Deshmukh had yet to be arrested by her, mentioned that Hrishikesh had sent money via hawala transactions to shell companies, who layered and infused them in the form of donations to a trust managed by the Deshmukhs.

Regarding the claim that loan transactions are “against logic”, attorney Chaudhri said: “Only logic is from this man (ED officer). We have to live with this man’s logic. All rationality goes out the window. What is the problem if a loan has been taken out and there is no agreement? Why this passion? It must end. He (ED) is a leading agency and must follow the law in the most scrupulous manner. It cannot be a hunch. It’s absurd, ”he said.

The ED had also suspected irregularities in an agreement of a company of which Hrishikesh is a director. He had stated that the company had bought another business with assets of Rs. 4.75 crore to 3.75 lakhs in 2010 and sold the land in a short time for Rs. 4.75 crore. He had alleged that these activities appeared to be aimed at converting cash into checks. Attorney Chaudhri said the land, which was in a coal belt, was purchased in 2010 for 81 lakhs and sold after ten years for 4.75 Cr and meanwhile Rs. 2.6 Cr has been spent on its development. “Is 10 years a short time? ” He asked.

The court will hear concluding arguments from lawyer Chaudhri on Thursday, after which it will hear the ED.

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Posted on: Tuesday December 07, 2021, 7:00 a.m. IST



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