Edmonds School District High School Students of the Month March 2022


Edmonds eLearning Academy

Grace Hannon
Names of parents: Maria and Robert Hannon
Interests: My main interests are writing, reading, art and sports. I like to write at school and in my spare time. During the latter, I enjoy creating stories and trying to complete my own full novels. Fantasy and fiction genres are my favorites to write and read. Some of my favorite series to read include The Twisted Tale by Liz Braswell and The Books of Bayern by Shannon Hale. When it comes to art, I love watercolor painting, hand lettering, and making greeting cards using both techniques. I also like swimming, cycling and ice skating.
Community service: The pandemic has prevented me from joining these services recently, but I hope to do so in the near future.
Educational Goals: Throughout high school, I hope to maintain high grades, participate in a running start program or the International Baccalaureate program, and participate in extracurricular clubs/activities. Then I want to get into a community college or a four-year university.
Career Goals: I hope to become a graphic designer and/or published author.

Edmonds Heights K-12

Zebedee Schultz
Parent Name: Jennifer Hewitt
GPA: 3,975
Clubs and Activities: The activities I participate in are guitar, songwriting, skateboarding and pottery.
Athletics: The sports activities I practice are track, foot and bodyweight training.
Community Service: The community service organizations I have worked with that are close to my heart are Food Lifeline and Facing Homelessness. I am also starting an internship with Masahiro Takakura, a naturopathic doctor in sports medicine for the Mariners and a teacher at Bastyr University who guides me in my academic journey.
Significant School Project: The most significant school project I have completed is my fourteen-page English 102 essay titled “Living as a Black American: The Historically Racist Obstacles that Impact Almost Every Aspect of the Lives of American blacks”.
Occupation: I am currently working in construction for Abode Builders.
Educational Goals: I will continue my studies at Shoreline Community College by completing my prerequisites for the Bastyr Naturopathy program or Premedicine.
Career Goals: I will pursue a career in the healing arts because I really care about caring for people and helping them regain their mental and physical health.
Anything else we should know? My educational journey took many twists and turns, but with the guidance of my mother, Dimona Levari (my math teacher) and Christina Miles (my English teacher), I became the student I am today. They have become more than educators for me; they are now part of the family.

Catherine Peterson
Parent Name: Tracey Peterson
GPA: 3.8
Athletics: Washington Rush Football
Honors: Honor Roll at Edmonds College
Community Service: Volunteers as a partner for Special Olympics Unified Sports during football and basketball seasons.
Educational goals: I plan to major in design at Western Washington University.
Career goals: to become a graphic designer.

Edmonds Woodway

JUlia Lee
Parents names: Cassandra Baker Lee and Sam Lee
GPA: 3.8
Clubs and Activities: NAHS, volunteer at LittleBit Therapeutic Riding Centre, NHS
Awards: IB Program Candidate
Community service: volunteers and training staff at LittleBit Therapeutic Riding Center, NAHS (Christmas cards for the senior center, mural at Sherwood Elementary),
Job: Assistant instructor, camp monitor (equestrian centers)
Educational goals: Attend the University of Washington
Career goals: Become an occupational therapist (equitherapy and art therapy for adolescents).
Anything else we should know? I pursue independent exploration in clay design and pottery.

Ashis Adhikari
Parent Name: Laxmi Adhikari
GPA: 3.96
Clubs & Activities: APSU Club
Educational goals: To continue my studies at university and obtain a baccalaureate.
Career goals: Computer literacy
Anything else we should know? I was surprised to be chosen as student of the month because I didn’t feel like I had done anything special, but thank you so much for giving me this honor. It will be something I will remember for my senior year.

Lynnwood High School

Sydney Navarre
Parent Name: Emily Navarro
GPA: 3.97
Clubs & Activities: President of the Class Council; National Honor Society; KeyClub; Garnish ; French clubs
Athletics: Captain of the tennis team; Co-captain of the cheer squad
Community service: 40 hours and more (school year 21-22)
Current job: Michaels
Educational goals: To attend a four-year college.
Career Goals: I hope to become something in the medical field.

Taliah Viles
Parents names: Rachelle Viles and Rico Sands
GPA: 3.0
Clubs & Activities: BSU
Athletics: Cheerleading
Awards: Student of the Month
Community service: Puppy bathing
Current job: Retail
Educational objectives: Learn more about actions
Career goals: To be a real estate agent and have my own dance studio.

Meadowdale Top

Orion Thayer
Parent Name: Todd Thayer
GPA: 2,627
Awards: Student of the Month
Educational objectives: I would like to study video game design.
Career goals: I would like to work in video game design with a dream job for Monomi Park, Ghost Ship Games or Mojang.
Anything else we should know? I’m proud of myself for getting student of the month. School hasn’t always been easy for me, but this past semester I’ve been working really hard. It’s cool to see my efforts rewarded and even though I’m nervous for the future, I can’t wait to graduate.

Chiwetalu Ekwueme
Parent Name: Chinyere Ekwueme
GPA: 3.85
Clubs & Activities President of the Black Student Union
Honours: I am taking university courses at Edmonds College
Meaningful School Project: Martin Luther King Virtual Assembly
Job: I work at Zumiez at Alderwood Mall
Educational goals: To graduate from high school with a GPA of 3.9, then move on to a four-year college to earn my bachelor’s degree in psychology.
Career goals: Psychiatrist
Anything else we should know? i am nigerian

Mountlake Terrace High

Emma Kerani
Parents names: Roxanne and Kelly Kerani
GPA: 4.0
Clubs and activities: TSA, Battle of the Books, MTHS Student Advisory Team, Connect Crew, National Honor Society
Athletics: Basketball and softball every four years.
Honors: Placed in the top five in the state in at least one TSA event in all four years of high school and competed in the national conference three times.
Community Service: I have volunteered as a softball coach, STEM camp counselor, and helped out at Lynnwood Elementary School.
Meaningful school project: My first-year research dissertation on women’s sports in the media
Current job: basketball official
Educational objectives: Obtain (at least) a bachelor’s degree in sociology
Career goals: my ultimate goal is to become a researcher on issues related to sociology
Anything else we should know? I would prefer you to use the pronouns them/them when referring to me, but also everything works

Adison Mattix
Parents names: Michole and Chris Mattix
GPA: 3.57
Athletics: college basketball and college baseball
Honors: Member of the basketball team to win the WIAA Distinguished Scholastic Award (Sr.); Member of basketball team to win WIAA Academic State Champs (Soph)
Awards: Sport Award State Game (Sr.); All-Region Second-Team Baseball (Jr.); The entire Wesco First (Jr.) team; Co-MVP MTHS Baseball (Jr.); Baseball Defensive Player of the Year (Jr.); Most Improved Basketball (Jr.)
Educational goals: Attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa
Career goals: a career in exercise science
Anything else we should know? Play baseball for the University of Hawaii at Manoa

Elevated from Scriber Lake

Piper Berkowitz

Parents’ names: Hallie and Eric Berkowitz
GPA: 2.5
Community service: the mission continues
Job: West Lake Ace Hardware
Educational goals: Attend community college
Career Goals: Nursing

VOICE Transition Program

William Frieboes
Parent Name: Brenda Fieboes
Clubs & Activities: Church
Important school project: Successful vocational training at Walgreens, Harbor Square, McDonalds, Goodwill.
Career goals: Having a paid job.
Anything else we should know? I like spending time with my family and I want to go to Disneyland.


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