Emirates News Agency – MBRF completes first phase of ‘Dubai International Writing Program’ workshops


DUBAI, 21st August, 2022 (WAM) — The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) has successfully completed the first phase of the writing workshops launched under the Dubai International Writing Programme.

Themed “UAE Tomorrow” and “Dubai Future”, the workshops aimed to empower young talents by improving their writing skills and providing them with the right writing techniques and resources.

The workshops support the efforts made by MBRF through the Dubai International Writing Program, to improve the knowledge and linguistic production of the Arabic language and to create generations of young authors capable of producing exceptional and ingenious literary work, by giving them access to resources that help them achieve qualitative achievements in the field of writing.

The initial workshop, titled “The UAE Tomorrow: The Emirates After Fifty”, involved training many young authors to write children’s stories, covering all aspects of children’s literature – including how to build texts with complete elements, how to formulate ideas and its connection with the universe and the interests of a child. The training was delivered by Ray Abdel Aal and included extensive brainstorming sessions with affiliates. The workshop also attempted to take readers on an imaginary journey into the future of the United Arab Emirates through creative texts written during the session.

Ray Abdel Aal underlined the importance of the need for young talents to improve their writing skills by learning proper writing techniques and creating integrated literary texts. She also commended the MBRF for its pioneering initiatives that nurture young people’s writing abilities and enhance their talents to become future creative writers.

The second workshop on the theme “Dubai Future – Writing for Young People”, was held under the supervision of instructor Islam Abu Shakir and aimed to train young people in writing long stories. The aim was to provide stories that capture the reality of Dubai and consider its perspectives in various fields, as well as the transformations of the city that the world will witness over the next 50 years. The first level of this workshop was achieved by scheduling regular meetings, either virtually or face-to-face, and the second level by daily communication with the use of digital tools.

Abu Shakir said the workshop focused on envisioning Dubai’s future, while capturing the present. It was suggested that participants write long stories about how humanitarian work contributes significantly to developments in the emirate and to nations’ ambitions and plans for the prosperous future of the emirate. All these concepts will be represented by the characters and events of the novel and its context will emphasize the future of Dubai built on a solid foundation, which is its present.

Abu Shakir also praised MBRF’s efforts to create an environment that fosters intellectual and cognitive excellence in young people by providing them with a chance to enhance their writing abilities and realize their aspirations to become creative authors and writers.

The workshops are part of the various initiatives of the Dubai International Writing Programme, which encompasses several knowledge projects and arts programs aimed at advancing local, regional and international knowledge movements as well as supporting and empowering young writers.


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