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Not all the best pictures reveal as much excitement as the Moonlight/The Earth snafu from the 2017 Oscars, but for everyone’s cast and crew, winning the Academy Award will always be a moment to remember.

From 1929 wings to 2021 nomadlandBest Picture winners over the years have covered multiple topics and genres, including period epics like Victor Fleming’s carried away by the windmusical adaptations like those of George Cukor my lovely lady and athletic dramas like Clint Eastwood’s Million dollar baby. Many, like Michael Curtiz’s casablanca and Francis Ford Coppola The Godfatherhave maintained their rank as one of the most famous and researched films of all time.

Most recent titleholders include Argo, 12 years of slavery, birdman, Projector, Moonlight, The Shape Of Water, Green Paper, Parasite and current champion nomadland. Steven Spielberg leads the race for filmmakers with the most Best Picture nominations, despite only winning the gold trophy once for the 1993 Holocaust drama. Schindler’s list. Other repeat winners and nominees include Coppola, Eastwood, Sam Spiegel, Peter Jackson, Cecil B. DeMille and Christopher Nolan.

Check out the full list of Best Picture winners, along with their directors, actors, and fellow Oscar winners, below.


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