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By Joanie Juster–

(Editor’s note: As Joanie Juster shares, this article marks the one-year anniversary of her column. Her dedication to the LGBTQ community and the ongoing struggle for social justice has already made a significant positive difference. It’s a qualified journalist who truly cares about the people and topics she writes about. We are grateful that she is a member of the San Francisco Bay Times crew. To learn more about some of her many accomplishments, read this resolution issued by the San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women: https://tinyurl.com/msasaasw)

I take a break this week from ranting against those who would undermine our democracy, take away our rights and freedoms, and stifle the open exchange of ideas. Instead, it’s time to get out the vote, check it out Juanita: 30 years MORE!enjoy the last of the street fairs of the season, and hey, I’m celebrating the first anniversary of this column!

Countdown to Election Day: GOTV

Election Day is less than four weeks away and, as you’ve probably heard, everything hangs in the balance.


I’m not going to tell you how to vote. But I tell you that you must vote! And don’t just vote, but know what you’re voting for (and against) and why.

Do your homework. Research the candidates and the issues. Find out which issues and candidates best match your values. Find out which candidates are fighting for your rights and support them in any way you can. The Victory Fund is a good place to start; they offer support to LGBTQ+ candidates across the country: https://victoryfund.org/

And if you can, help others vote. There are organizations that fight hard against the disenfranchisement of voters, challenging laws that limit access to the polls and, quite literally, helping voters get to the polls. One such organization is Vote Riders. Since each state has different rules for voter ID and means to vote, Vote Riders helps voters ensure they have the tools they need to vote in their state: https://www.voteriders .org/

Let’s all participate and help. There’s too much at stake to sit this one down.


The term “indispensable” may have become a cliché, but sometimes it really is justified, as in the case of Juanita: 30 years MORE! The exhibition, which celebrates the work of Juanita MORE! of San Francisco over the decades, is truly a must-see event: a fabulously colorful, gloriously abundant and breathtakingly glamorous collection, presented in breathtaking fashion, at the main gallery of the San Francisco Art Commission. in the War Memorial Building (401 Van Ness Ave.) until November 12. Go check it out and enjoy this extravagant, stylish, and uplifting celebration of a larger-than-life icon in our community.

Thirty years ago, the character we know as Juanita MORE! was born when famed New York drag queen Glamamore (aka “Mr. David”) first put Juanita in drag. Glamamore’s work is well represented in this exhibit, as he has been the exclusive designer of all of Juanita’s beautiful and distinctive dresses since 1992. The exhibit includes dresses, over 40 commissioned artworks, photographs, posters , jewelry (oh, the jewelry!), and other artifacts from Juanita’s three-decade career as an activist, drag persona, fashion icon, community leader, philanthropist, DJ, chef, and mentor.

Carefully curated by trans artist and educator Marcel Pardo Ariza, the exhibition is not only a feast for the eyes. It is also a celebration and examination of Juanita’s work as an outspoken and tireless advocate for queer and trans rights who has raised over $1 million over the years for organizations such as the GLBT Historical Society, Our Trans Youth, Q Foundation, Queer Lifespace, the Transgender Law Center, and more.

Other projects include Juanita’s List on Facebook, an inclusive group that helps members and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community find rental housing opportunities in the Bay Area, and her email newsletters are thoughtful and informative sources of news relevant to the community, and often contain well-chosen calls to action. The list of good works goes on and on, but Juanita pays tribute to her chosen family members for who she is and what she does: “I have never claimed complete ownership of the achievement or Juanita’s activism. Instead, I was the vehicle that brought it to life through the work of many talented artists, nonprofits, and a community that I consider my chosen family. And this exhibition is my full of love letters to all.

Several side events are planned in connection with the exhibition, including a Juanita MORE! Birthday party on Friday, October 28, 7 p.m., in the main gallery of the SFAC. Halloween attire is mandatory. Come celebrate 30 more years!


October 15 = LeatherWalk + Bearrison

The much-needed rainstorm of September 18 washed away many planned events. But the good news is that LeatherWalk 2022, which was scheduled for that day, hasn’t been canceled – it’s just been postponed to Sunday, October 15. together two very popular community events.

LeatherWalk 2022, which benefits the LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District’s mission to keep South of Market queer and kinky, is normally the official kickoff of San Francisco’s Leather Week, which culminates a week later at the Folsom Street Fair. . But the rain necessitated a change of plan.

Instead, LeatherWalk will take place on Sunday, October 15, starting at 11 a.m. at Civic Center Plaza, directly across from City Hall. Participants will stop at several historic spots and watering holes along the route, culminating in the second annual Bearrison Street Fair at Harrison and 11th Streets, which will take place from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Bearrison Street Fair is a collaboration between two beloved organizations: the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and the San Francisco Bears. Billed as “a fair for every bear”, Bearrison Street Fair creates a fun and creative event intended to be inclusive, supportive and welcoming to all members of the LGBTQ+ adult community. Bearrison promotes body positivity for all and builds a bear scene by representing a diverse arena of cultures.

Sounds like one hell of a party, so enjoy both events!

For LeatherWalk info: https://sfleatherdistrict.org/
For Bearrison info: https://www.bearrison.org/

A step

Around this time last year, I started getting calls from the editors of the San Francisco Bay Times, Betty Sullivan and Jennifer Viegas. They had this crazy idea that they wanted me – a direct ally – to write for their newspaper. I kept hijacking them, arguing that I wasn’t a trained journalist, that I wasn’t a writer, that I had never done anything even remotely like write a column for publication.

But since they’re extremely persuasive and wouldn’t take no for an answer, I sat down and started writing. The column title I inherited was “In the News”, so I tried to scour the community, looking for information on news and events. After a few months, I threw my hands up and exclaimed, “I’m not a journalist! I don’t know how to do that!”

But they wouldn’t let me quit.

I renamed the “In Case You Missed It” section, focusing on issues, people, and organizations that might fly under the radar. I’ve started to write more from my heart, and I try with each edition to encourage readers to find ways to serve others and help make the world – or even our little corner – a better place. kind, more inclusive and supportive. . I am grateful to Betty and Jen for believing in me and giving me a platform, and I am grateful to the readers who have been so encouraging and patient. Thank you all for this past year!

Do you have news to share? I would like to hear it. Email me at [email protected]. Joanie Juster is a long-time community volunteer, activist and ally.

In case you missed it
Posted on October 6, 2022


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