Flasher’s sophomore album trades post-punk angst for WCP dream-pop


Turn signal proved their resilience with the release of a stellar second album featuring their new, synth-laden dream-pop that’s catchier than the-CocteauTwins sound. Bright with catchy choruses and soft, moody melodies, love is yours proves the band didn’t just adapt to being a duo, reforming without a bassist Daniel Sapersteinbut knew how to seize the opportunity with a new versatility.

Despite the shared success of their debut album in 2018, Constant picture, creative and work-related differences with Saperstein could not be overcome, leading to his departure in 2019. The new album, out June 17, trades dark post-punk angst for warm tones and wonderfully woozy melodies. It demonstrates that the band has evolved and refuses to be pigeonholed by the fast-paced punk sounds of their hometown.

“This record explores more pop music that we love. It was not a gender exercise. Taylor Mulitzsinger and guitarist of Flasher, tells city ​​paper. “It was about writing songs that came naturally to us and making songs that we were passionate about.”

The band’s roots still flow through this record in new wave-inspired hooks and catchy beats, but this time those beats are contrasted with clean-toned, dream-pop choruses that create a refreshing sound born from their new techniques. experimental recordings. After being laid off from their daily jobs during the pandemic, Multiz and drummer Emma Baker decided to use the regained time to focus on setting a new record. “We could actually work on our music because the unemployment money was more than what we would earn. [at our day jobs]», points out Multiz. Hide in a friend Owen WürkerDC’s home recording studio during this first wave of COVID with nothing but time, the band’s willingness to test new sounds has created an exciting indie-pop treasure trove layered over a variety of textures.

“We all moved into Owen’s house when we were freaking out about the pandemic, before we had vaccines,” Baker recalled. “It was great working with him. He always had these crazy ideas and knew exactly when to suggest them.

This new recording setup, coupled with Saperstein’s departure, changed Flasher’s writing process. Rather than replacing the bass player, they tried another route. “Danny’s departure was such a presence that we weren’t going to fill it overnight,” says Baker. “Taylor and I used to make music together, just the two of us, so we wanted to see what we could do before we filled the space.”

What they produced for love is yours is a series of 13 songs about long-term relationships. When asked if their new, more upbeat sound reflects their current mood, Mulitz laughs. “It is now, although it has not always been so. Learning to accept not always being productive and letting go of that capitalist mindset relieved a lot of the pressure,” he says.

As the duo prepare for the album launch and ensuing release party at Comet Ping Pong, Mulitz says he’s excited to perform live with Flasher’s new lineup, which includes Wuerker (from Bless and great silence) on bass and auxiliary, friend Shawn Durham help on drums and guitar, and Baker on drums but also play bass. “It’s going to sound a lot fuller,” Mulitz promises.

With this latest album, Flasher continues to pay homage to their hometown with a national treasure-themed music video (yes, like in the 2004 Nic Cage action movie) for the album’s titular single. But after hearing love is yoursit’s clear the duo have written their own national treasure.

Flasher performs a record release show on June 17 at Comet Ping Pong with Faunas and Gauche. love is yours released the same day via Domino.


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