For the record, December 3, 2021



For the Record provides information on recent professional activities and honors from faculty, staff, students, and alumni of the University of Delaware.

Recent presentations, publications and accolades include the following:


Thomas kaminski, a professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Applied Physiology, was a guest speaker at Manchester United’s annual (virtual) sports medicine conference this year, which focused on Medical and scientific challenges of women’s football. Kaminski, who is a leading soccer expert, spoke about the increased risk of concussion in female players and emphasized the need to teach proper skills at a young age to minimize the risk of concussion.

Rudi matthee, John and Dorothy Munroe Distinguished Professor of History, was interviewed by Roqe Media (Toronto, Canada) on “The Rise of Opium”, as part of their series “Modern History of Iran”, at


Suzanne L. Burton, Associate Dean for the Arts in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Director of the Partnership for Arts and Culture and Professor of Music Education has published a new book: Engaging Musical Practices: A Reference Book for General Music in College (second edition). Burton, conceptualizer and editor of the Engaging Musical Practices series, has included innovative and timely new chapters written by authors who are experts in facilitating active music creation with adolescents. Burton’s chapter focuses on “Early Keyboard Experiments to Inspire Independent Music”. Bothsd The edition joins the other books in the series on teaching and learning music in early childhood, general elementary and instrumental.

Aimée D. Pearsall, a music education teacher at the School of Music, has published a book chapter titled “Transitional Practices: Infusing General Music into the Choral Classroom”. This chapter is included in the second edition of Engaging Musical Practices: A Reference Manual for General Music in College, edited by Suzanne L. Burton, associate dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.


Professor Aramark and Associate Dean of Lerner College Sheryl klinemoved back Best EuroCHRIE 2021 Conference Poster Award for her research titled “Mentorship and Sponsorship in the Hospitality Industry: A Woman’s View From The Top. It was co-authored with Carole Sox, Assistant Professor and Program Director of Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management, Columbia College.

Poetry by Alexander Selimov, professor of languages, literatures and cultures, received an honorable mention at the Eurasian / International Poetry Festival, which was held on November 13, 2021 in Istanbul. He is Spanish teacher and Universal Ambassador of Culture, Bolivia / UNESCO. He is also the recipient of the Victoria Urbano Honorable Mention Award (Chicago 2018) and the Silver Medal for Creative Writing at the LIFFT Literary Festival (Baku, Azerbaijan, 2019).

Xiang gao, Emeritus Professor of Music and Artistic Director of the Master Players Concert Series, has been named one of The “30 best professionals of the year 2021 of Musical America. “Musical America, an industry leader in international news and information on the performing arts, recently released the special report”The pandemic: meet the moment ”, ask members of the global performing arts industry to speak out on the question: who has taken up the challenge of the pandemic? The 30 nominees, all of whom are distinguished artists, administrators and educators, were chosen for their creativity, leadership and hard work to help support the performing arts during this difficult time.

A team from the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics at the University of Delaware placed 10th on North America’s ranking in the BLoomberg Business Challenge. Led by Lerner, Major in Undergraduate Finance Eric kachan ’22, the team included a major in finance Joseph donnelly ’22, and MS Business Analytics and Information Management student Justin ehly ‘24. Ehly graduated with a dual undergraduate degree in Finance and Management Information Systems from UD in 2021. They represented UD among 488 teams around the world comprising nearly 3,000 people who entered 14,445 trades over the course of seven intense weeks.



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