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“Sex and the City” is a far cry from its relatively humble beginnings in 1998. Six seasons, 94 episodes, two movies and who knows how many pairs of Manolos later, and now a reboot called “And Just Like That. . . “Has hit the small screen! Although that doesn’t get much praise. HBO Max kicked off the first two shows of the highly anticipated ten-episode miniseries on Thursday, which, in the end, amounted to a womp -very noisy collective womp on social networks. Draw massive pans of viewers, fans and critics (without forgetting Peleton), the show is called all of “grimace” has a “hate to look the best” has a “bloated and laughless comedy. “Ouch! Not that the taunts aren’t well deserved.

The reboot sees principal lady Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) now working as a podcaster (because writing books is so 2010) and – major spoiler alert! – mourning the loss of longtime love, John James Preston, aka Mr. Big (Chris Noth), who died of a heart attack in the first episode. To say the storyline is depressing is a gross understatement – and an odd directional choice given the rough times the world has faced over the past year and a half. Instead of venues of glamor, high fashion, endless cosmos and escape, “And just like that…” Provides audiences with dramatic death scenes, funeral plans and endless tears. Like James poniewozik of the New York Times gave a brief notice, “If you’ve been expecting a frothy cocktail to distract you from the troubles of the world, the first one throws that drink in your face. And, for the record, it’s not as satisfying as the drinking stream that Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) throws in the style of Richard Wright (James Remar) in season five!

Speaking of Samantha, the show is certainly lacking without the acerbic-witted publicist, whose absence is abruptly explained in a brief scene. (Jones moved to London following an argument with Carrie and no longer responds to calls from women.) Another item that is largely missing? The Big Apple, who during the “Sex and the City” race was a fundamental part of every storyline. Despite Parker promise to TMZ that “And Just Like That…” would feature “New York City as the fourth character,” which it hasn’t yet, with the city barely appearing in the background for the first two episodes. While fans will, without a doubt, be delighted to find the various interiors of the women’s apartments, all of which are sets that have been recreated for the reboot at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn, only a handful of actual Manhattan locations have been featured so far. Read on for a list of them. But be forewarned – there are more spoilers to come!



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