Halo Infinite Foundation Collectibles Locations Guide



Trying to find the locations of Foundation collectibles in Halo Infinite? You can’t go back and replay individual missions in the campaign, so you’ll want to make sure you collect all the items the first time around, unless, of course, you’re planning another game. We also have a Halo Infinite Skull Guide in one place, if you’re only interested in game modifiers.

Infinity does not get cooperative campaign until mid-2022 but, at the very least, it might be an excuse to revisit the campaign and make up for whatever you’ve been missing. So with that in mind, here are the locations of the Halo Infinite Foundation collectibles found during the second story mission.

All Halo Infinite Foundation Collectible Locations

Foundation is the second mission of the Halo Infinite campaign. Like the Gbraakon warship, this level houses four collectibles. And just like in the previous level, one of the UNSC audio logs automatically unlocks as you progress.

The Foundation’s collectibles are:

  • 2x UNSC Audio Logs (one of them is history and must-see)
  • 1x skull
  • 1x banned audio log

Cow bell skull
After collecting the weapon, you will come to an area with holograms. Continue until you reach a large room with high ceilings, then head left until the room opens and use your scanner to locate the skull above you. It’s hard to hit, but you can use your grappling hook to get to higher ledges and eventually you’ll hit it.

Audio log banned. (Image credit: 343 Industries)

Banned audio log
Shortly after, you will reach a large room crossed by a blue beam. There are a number of enemies to take down here and there is a pistol mounted on a raised platform at the end. The audio file leans against the wall to the left of the door behind him. The orange glow makes this one hard to miss.

UNSC audio diary. (Image credit: 343 Industries)

UNSC Audio Diary
You will need to activate an elevator during the mission and you will need to find a Seed of Power to make it work. You’ll find yourself in a huge room with a narrow bridge that leads to the Seed of Power. The audio file you are looking for is on the left of the device that contains the power source.



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