How to help your child, a guide for parents


Dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and disgraphia – These words are important if you are a parent. If you look closely at your child or the environment in which they study, you would be shocked at how common these disorders are. The four disorders named above are known as learning disabilities and they could be the reason why your child is struggling to study well and perform well.

Learning disabilities often go unnoticed because the problems a child faces while studying are blamed on them. They are labeled as lazy or reprimanded for “running away from books”.

The confidence and self-esteem of these children are often very low because they are looked down upon not only by their classmates, but also reprimanded or disciplined by their teachers and parents.

Learning disabilities in children

Dr. Amit Gupta, Senior Consultant Pediatrician and Neonatologist, Motherhood Hospital, Noida, spoke on learning disabilities with Hindustan Times and said that many children suffer from undiagnosed learning disabilities that parents ignore, which affects the motivation and self-esteem of the child. He further explained, “A learning disability is a difference that occurs in the processing of any information that prevents a child from learning a skill and using it. Some common learning disabilities affect reading ability, verbal and nonverbal skills, writing, and comprehension.”

Dr Gupta said there could be multiple causes of learning disabilities such as pre and neonatal risks, physical or psychological trauma, genetic background or exposure to toxins. He added that although learning disabilities are not curable, children with such disabilities can still do well in school with the help of “timely intervention, support and love. “.

Some advice suggested by Dr. Gupta was to take the help of a reading specialist (can help the child by teaching them new reading skills), occupational therapists and support groups/special educators.

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