Huron Plainman | School grades 5-7-22


Huron colony
Huron Colony students from kindergarten to grade three prepare to complete their school year. They are starting the last NWEA tests of the year and should be finished by Friday. Next week, they will take a trip to the Watertown Zoo. They have eighth grade graduation, a field day, and then the last day of school coming up.

They have been working hard this year on reading, writing and learning addition and subtraction math facts as well as many other math skills. They will resume here next school year and continue to work on all these skills.

Submitted by Trisha Jons, K-3 teacher at Huron Colony

HHS Speech
Speech classes at Huron High School present their final speech. During this semester, students gave speeches serving different purposes, including informing, persuading, and demonstrating. For their final speech, they can choose any of these speech objectives. Students practice the eight-step speech writing process they learned in the first part of the course.

In the Speaking Out classes, students studied communication and how it works in our society. The class is currently completing a study on non-verbal communication. Students examined how communication occurs without the use of spoken words in subjects such as greetings, lying, and games. The students also studied the video of Koko the gorilla; a gorilla who has learned sign language. Knowing how nonverbal communication works can help students more effectively interpret the nonverbal communication around them.

Submitted by Mitch Gaffer, speech and debate

HHS Language Arts
All high school language arts classes will take the NWEA Language Use Test May 3-4 and the Reading Test May 9-10. After the test is completed, the NWEA provides scores that help teachers and students assess their strengths and weaknesses.

Sheltered LA 9 is reading “The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet” and they will end the semester by doing a “One Pager” project on reading. In Sheltered LA 10 and 11, students review grammar and work on writing different types of sentences. They will end the semester with a short writing project.

Submitted by Laura Iverson, Sheltered Language Arts


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