If Stranger Things made you want to play D&D, here’s where to start


Now that Season 4: Vol. 2 of Stranger Things has landed, you might want to try out a certain D&D game the gang is so obsessed with. Luckily, it’s a good time to dive in – some early 4th of July deals have slashed the price of starter kits and a load of books.

For starters, you can get the current starter kit for $13.29 on Amazon (opens in a new tab) instead of almost $20. As we said in our Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set review, this is the perfect place to learn D&D or introduce it to your friends. It eases the process of playing or running games with a story that brings all the classic fantasy products. There are evil wizards, orcs, cities in peril, weird monsters that wouldn’t seem out of place in Stranger Things Upside Down (speaking of which, it’s worth noting that a Stranger Things starter set is available on Amazon (opens in a new tab) too – even though it’s not as good, it’s “written” by Mike and it’s the campaign he was running when Will was taken away in the first season).

Of course, a New The D&D Starter Kit arrives at the end of July. But we haven’t familiarized ourselves with this release yet, and it’s unlikely to get a discount for a little while.

Either way, we’ve covered in detail where to start and which Dungeons & Dragons books you should prioritize below. Luckily, a few are on offer in early 4th of July deals.

Once you’ve started your D&D journey, we’ve got a few guides you might find helpful. To get started, here’s how to create your first character in D&D and the best D&D class for beginners.

Of course, D&D isn’t the only role-playing game out there. If you’d rather try something a little different, don’t miss our guide to the best tabletop RPGs. And if you want some models to accompany your adventures with pen and paper (it can make combat much easier to visualize), don’t miss the best WizKids miniatures.

More D&D offers

Don’t feel the offers above? You can check out our bargain hunting software offers below – it’s always on the lookout for the lowest prices.

It’s just the start of the July discounts – we’re looking at the barrel of Prime Day game dealswithout speaking about Prime Day video game deals. You can expect Prime Day board game deals and Lego Prime Day Deals later this month too, so check out our guides for tips on saving the most money.


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