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Q. What made you realize you wanted to write this book?

A.The book was spurred on by the thousands of DMs I received weeks and months after Indian matchmaking from women around the world asking a simple question, “But how did you become like this?” They saw me on the show, but they wanted to know more about what shaped me as a woman. This book is therefore the answer to their collective question – it was the lessons of courage and courage, but also the moments of triumph, that made me who I am today.

Q. How familiar were you with the writing process, especially the process behind writing a book? What kind of research was needed?

A. As a lawyer for 10 years before writing “She’s Likeable”, writing my first book was an unprecedented project for me. It was such an empowering experience to write my truth and create my own story for the world to read. Often our own voice is not heard through the din of others misrepresenting us, so it was important for me to be authentic and raw in sharing myself in a memoir. No research was necessary because what better history do we know than ours.

Q. What kind of impact do you hope your story would have?

A. I would tell readers that your own story matters and you deserve to tell it. It might not be a book, but it should be shared in your own bubble –– WhatsApp groups, schoolyards, workplaces and with friends. Reclaiming your own narrative is the ultimate power move.

Q. What made you sign up for Indian Matchmaking, and what went wrong?

A. My purpose in signing up to the show was its primary purpose of trying to find me a life partner. Personally, while Indian Matchmaking did not end with me finding a partner, I believe the greatest and most rewarding story for me was that of a woman who stood firm, spoke her truth and refused to settle for matches that were not a suitable life partner for her. My goal remains to find a man who is my ultimate teammate and companion, but it will always be on my terms.

Q. How has your experience on the show changed you as a person?

A. The show really made me reconsider the path I was on – American corporate work as a lawyer, living in Houston, Texas, and being in a city I had lived in for almost 30 years. I realized I wanted to choose a more fulfilling career for myself, so when I started writing She’s Insufferable, I took a sabbatical from my job as a lawyer. I then realized that I could live anywhere in the United States, since I was no longer tied to a job. So I followed my lifelong dream of moving to New York. Changing careers and cities has been a wonderful experience for me, and I feel like I’m really living life my way.

Q. Will you continue to be part of the second season of the show?

A. I cannot confirm any further participation in future seasons of Indian Matchmaking. However, I feel like the world was asking for “more” by the end of the first season, and I for one can’t wait to watch the second season. I still hope viewers are better consumers of what they watch, but ultimately I also hope they enjoy following more South Asian singles as they hope to find love through matchmaking .

Q. Do you plan to continue your career as a writer?

A. My desire is to continue to live a life on my own terms, outside of what society puts pressure on women
do, be and achieve. I really hope it includes more writing and that’s definitely in my plans.


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