Joanne Harris to publish writing guide



The author of Chocolat publishes a book on writing to help budding writers get through foreclosure.

Joanne Harris is a best-selling author best known for her third book ‘Chocolat’ which has been adapted for film. Since then, all of his books have been bestsellers, regardless of genre. She continued the Chocolate series and wrote psychological thrillers, a series inspired by Norse mythology, cookbooks, short stories and other books for which it is difficult to define a genre. She openly advocates for certain causes in books and her writing is varied but popular.

She is currently publishing a book on writing. On her website, she shared the cover of the book and explained that she was constantly asking for writing advice but decided to write this book now because “confinement has changed our landscape, and after many requests for ‘help and advice from writers in this difficult time, I decided to start this project. ”

The book was released in e-book format, but later this year a hardback version will also be available that will contain additional material including illustrations by Moose Allain.

The book is based on his #TenTweets, where Harris provides writing tips on Twitter in a series of tweets on one aspect of writing. That’s why the book is called “Ten Things About Writing: Build Your Story, One Word at a Time”.

His #TenTweets have received high praise from the writing community. Author Neil Gaiman said: “Joanne Harris’ ten tweets have long been tiny islands of common sense and wisdom in the sea of ​​madness that is Twitter, providing advice and distilled insight to those who follow her. I’m so glad they’re going to gather in one place and selfishly can’t wait to catch up with all the ones I’ve missed “and author Cressida Cowell said,” Joanne Harris’s #TenTweets series is an invaluable, pragmatic, and honest resource. Her pithy, often very funny advice demystifies the publishing industry’s writing for new and aspiring writers. “.

The book is published by September Publishing, an independent publisher. Harris clearly stated, “I chose to go with a small press to show my support for an area of ​​the publishing industry that is particularly stressed, and to release the book as an eBook in the first place. time, to allow those who need it most to access it immediately. ”

Hannah MacDonald, the publisher, said: “It’s incredibly exciting to have an author of the established success and influence of Joanne Harris on the September list. We’re excited to post her treasure trove of inspirational advice and creative wisdom for aspiring writers. How-to-write books tend to be practical but uninteresting, while essays on an author’s trade are not always helpful. In contrast, Joanne’s book is really useful for the writing and publishing industry, and also very funny. ”



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