Julia Quinn and Shonda Rhimes will co-write the novel Queen Charlotte


A likely co-writing duo expands the Bridgerton literary universe with a new series of books. The author of the love series Julia Quinn is set to co-write a new prequel set in the world of Bridgerton with Shonda Rhimeswhich is producing the popular Netflix adaptation.

The new book series — which is currently untitled — is based on the TV series’ universe, Variety reported. It will also be an adaptation of the next Netflix Bridgerton spin-off about a young Queen Charlotte. The book will tell the story of how Charlotte met and married King George. The book series will focus on how their love led to social change, which created the racially inclusive world seen in the Netflix original series. The novel will be published by Avon Books, the longtime publisher of the Bridgerton novels.


Publication of the novels will be timed for the spin-off series to release on Netflix, which has yet to release a premiere date. IndiaRia Amarteifio (The tunnel, Sex education) plays a young version of Queen Charlotte – who is played by Golda Rosheuval (Lady Macbeth) in the shot Bridgerton series – during her rise to prominence as a well-known English monarch in Netflix’s prequel TV series. Corey Mylcher (shorts like March and Summary in secondslisten)) plays her husband, King George. Although the focal point of the series is the young queen, the storylines will also cover a young Violet Ledger (Connie Jenkins-Greig, Disassembly) as well as a young Lady Danbury (Arsema Thomas, redemptive love).

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Netflix’s prequel series cast also includes Katie Brayben (Guide to the Life of a Serial Killer) and Kier Charles (standing man) in recurring roles, as Vivian Ledger and Lord Ledger, respectively. Also joining the series cast are michelle fairley (game of thrones), Sam Clemmet (Cherry), Hugues Sachs, Richard Cunningham (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), Tunji Kasim (the good liar), Rob Maloney (Coronation Street), and Cyril Niri (This life). Although the extent of their involvement remains unknown for now, actors from the original series like Rosheuval will reprise their characters for the prequel such as Adjoa Ando (Doctor Who) like Lady Danbury and Ruth Gemmel (Primitive) like Violet Bridgerton. In addition to returning as writer, executive producer and showrunner in the spin-off series, Rhimes will also produce alongside Betsy Beers and the director Tom Verica.

The Bridgerton The spin-off book will be released in time with the Netflix series, which is slated to debut in 2023.


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