Literature reflects society and shows it a mirror: Prof Jaswant Singh Gandam: The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Phagwara, June 17

Arguing that a writer gives back to society what he takes out of it, Professor Jaswant Singh Gandam, author of the book “Sutey Shehar Da Safar”, told the audience that writing is like gleaning and harvesting grains from the tare.

Answering various questions about his new book during a ‘Pustak Charcha’ function and public interface organized by Punjabi Virsa Trust, the author further said that a writer collected his material from his surroundings but that it had filtered the raw content. “It’s like sifting flour,” he said to drive the point home.

“A writer expresses the experiences and emotions of individuals, of humanity as well as his own,” he remarked. On his satirical writings, Professor Gandam claimed that his satire was sweet and gentle. He said: “Most people tend to make fun of other people. But sometimes we should also laugh at ourselves. But the best laughter is collective laughter, which is when we all laugh together. Calling literature “samaj da darpan” (mirror of society), he said that it both reflected society and showed it a mirror.

Prominent writer, reviewer and senior columnist Gurmit Palahi, while talking about the book, called it a multi-layered book. He said: “The book has a total of 144 pages and 28 essays – 11 reflective essays, eight satires, four translated stories from classic world writers, four articles on birds and a play in tribute to the philanthropist, pedagogue and entrepreneur. . Kulwinder Singh Bassi.

He said the writer’s style and choice of words were unique. He called the book a new milestone in prose form. Another writer Ravinder Chot described the book as a piece of prose poetry. Lawyer SL Virdi praised the translated stories.

Punjabi writer TD Chawla called it a well-researched book. Social activist Ashwani Kohli called the book a bold collection of essays. The famous poet Baldev Raj Komal delighted the audience with his ghazal. Parwinderjit Singh directed the scene. A large number of writers and admirers of literature, including girls, attended the ceremony.


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