Mangaluru: Roshu Bajpe’s Paid Guestbook Released


Photos: Dayan and Kukkaje

Press release

Mangaluru, November 7: “I find shades of metamorphosis in Roshu Bajpe’s short stories. The pain of the central male character in the story Khilo (Nail) reminded me of Kafka’s storytelling style,” said Professor Zita Lobo.

Professor Dr Lobo was speaking after the launch of a collection of Konkani short stories written by youth writer Roshu Bajpe and published by Kittall Publications, at PFX Saldanha Auditorium, MCC Bank Building here.

Professor Dr Lobo added, “Different writers use different styles and Roshu Bajpe’s writing style is unique. It presents the situation through characters and draws the reader into the discourse. As in one of his stories, a boy driver by profession marries a girl, lying that he is an engineer by profession and when the girl realizes the fact after marriage, she finds herself in a dilemma. The Paying Guest title story is yet another story that pushes the reader towards the discourse of morality. Stories like Karyakarth and Typhoid Taap – remind of recent unpleasant socio-political developments in the coastal zone.

Citing the shortage of female writers in Konkani, Professor Dr Lobo said: “Women have more stories to tell. Women writers can present their issues more effectively in their writing. But unfortunately, there are very few female writers in Konkani. If women find it difficult to write, they can use modern technology at their fingertips to record and start telling stories. »

Anil Lobo, Chairman of MCC Bank Ltd, said, “Writers are like torchbearers of society and they should continue to inspire society at the right time. I have known Roshu for several years and we were members of the executive committees of the Catholic Sabha and its spokesperson Amcho Sandesh. Although the themes of Roshu’s writings are complex, his language is simple and easy to understand. I wish him a bright future in Konkani literature.

Roshu Bajpe presented free copies of the book to his mother Mary Sequeira, wife Cynthia Lobo, Edddie Sequeira, layout artist, who designed the book, senior writer Patric Moras (M Patrick), Gaurish Vernekar, general secretary of All India Konkani Parishad, Richard Moras, Organiser, Konkani Lekahak Sanghatan, Sunil Menezes, Managing Director of MCC Bank Ltd, Eugine D’Souza, Editor of Bajpe Parish Bulletin ‘Amchem Shet’ and Editors of Konkani Magazines, Fr Jocy Siddakatte of Naman Balok Jesu, Naveen Kulshekar from Divo, Wilfred Lobo, Padil from Amcho Sandesh and Wilson Kateel from Arso.

Roshu Bajpe welcomed the gathering and HM Pernal, editor of the book, compiled the program and offered the vote of thanks.

Paying Guest, a collection of 14 short stories by Konkani, is Roshu’s sixth book. He has published three collections of satirical articles, Haasy Attack (2015) Open Haasy Surgery (2017) and Feliz Navidad (2020), and two collections of poetry Theenth Zalem Roghat (2018) and Girbuji (2021). His book Theenth Zalem Roghat won Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy Best Book Award and Dr. TMA Pai Foundation Award. Bajpe has translated three dramas into Konkani – Home Sweet Home (2017), Adaanv Even Ugadle Dole, Rachnaara Atam Tucnch Pole (2020) and Vishev Apartments (2022). He wrote and published the novel ‘Sandun Galli Shelli’ in the monthly Sevok Konkani. He has written columns in Naman Balok Jesu and Arso continuously. He received the Samanvaya Yuva Kiran Award in 2013 and the Leo Rodrigues Family Kittall Youth Award in 2017 for his writing.

Prominent writer Kishoo Barkur has written a detailed foreword to the book – Paying Guest. The book was published by Kittall Publications and priced at Rs 150 per copy. Those wishing to order the book by post can contact Roshu Bajpe on 9880119515 or email [email protected].


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