MasterClass Announces Artist and Filmmaker Petra Collins to Teach How to Capture Your Vision Through Photography


“Petra’s aesthetic helped define film photography for this generation,” said David Roger, founder and CEO of MasterClass. “During her session, she offers exclusive insight into her style, approach and expertise, helping members learn how they can creatively express themselves through film photography.”

During her session, Petra will explain how to use camera settings, lighting and composition, and encourage members to create a series of meaningful works that communicate their vision. The session is broken down into five sections:

  • Preparing for inspiration: Collins will share her photography journey to motivate members to grab a camera and start capturing what they love. For starters, she’ll provide her starter kit recommendations, including must-haves like a manual single-lens reflex camera, ISO 400 film, and a 50mm lens. She will also highlight economical lighting options such as flashlights, fluorescent lights, and a metallic gift bag as a bounce or a sandwich bag as a lens filter.
  • Understanding your camera and lighting techniques: Collins will explain how camera settings affect exposure and what settings to use when shooting in different scenarios. Members will shoot at least two rolls of film using both natural light and from lighting.
  • Portraits and understanding of your subject: Joined by her sister, Anna, in this lesson, Collins will demonstrate the importance of connecting and creating intimacy with your subject to capture a revealing portrait.
  • Creating your series: Drawing on all of the technical and creative skills taught throughout the session, Collins will offer an intimate look at his past works to illustrate how to create a series of photographs that communicate a larger vision.
  • Keep experimenting: Members will reflect on all they have accomplished and hear Collins’ advice on how they can continue to grow through photography.

“Photography is a powerful way to move a conversation forward because you have the ability to create an image that has never been seen before,” Collins said. “In my session, I want to empower members to think about what they want to see and teach them how to capture images that resonate with the world around them.”

Although she was only 15 when she launched her career, Collins quickly became one of the most defining artists of her generation in photography, fashion, film and music. . She has published six photo books, including Fairy tales with Rizzoli and Petra Collins: Passage to adulthood with Penguin Random House and has photographed print advertisements for mainstream brands such as Gucci, MAC, Apple and Adidas. Beyond photography, Collins has shot music videos for major artists, including Cardi B and Carly Rae Jepsenand is currently directing his own feature film with Selena Gomez.

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