On the road with Eli(zondo) and Adric: release schedule for 2022


So you have decided to answer the call of adventure. Good for you. If you need to refer to what the Guide really is or who I really am, please refer to the links included.

Writing travel essays is harder than I thought, and I suddenly have empathy for Rick Steves. It wasn’t until I wrote my general settings for a travelogue in the Warning that I realized that under the rules I gave I literally couldn’t complete as many entries as I wanted, before the relevant games for this year.

In case anyone forgot, I said the following, while trying not to get drenched in Minneapolis:

TrueBlue LA, Michael Elizondo, April 12, 2022:

In my mind, it’s not fair to judge a place after just one game.

I made sure the Guide entries for Wrigley Field and PNC Park were posted ahead of the respective playoffs because while I was on the road in Minneapolis I received positive feedback from traveling Dodgers fans who seemed to appreciate authoritative advice.

By the time this essay goes live, the first four entries in the guide will be live:

  1. Wrigley Field, for the series from May 5… to May 7

  2. PNC Park, for the series from May 9 to May 11

  3. Cincinnati, for the series from June 21 to June 23

  4. San Francisco, for the series from June 10 to June 12, from August 1 to 4 and from September 16 to 18.

Now obviously I can’t write a guide entry about a place until I’ve visited it, so needless to say guide entries for Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Kansas City and Chicago (AL) are going to have to wait for the year next. Also, since I’ve only played single games in Anaheim, Phoenix, Denver, and Miami, I can’t write a competent guide entry until I’ve played at least two games in the respective stadiums. . I will be able to rectify this for all of the above cities except Miami this year. Also, I haven’t been to Oakland, Milwaukee, Washington DC, or New York (Citi Field) as a professional fan, so I lack the material to write a competent guide entry.

However, as I have done before, I can write field reports of my travels (as evidenced by my two days in Minneapolis) so that I can at least share contemporary accounts of my adventures, which I will gladly share with you. .

As such, the forecast of additions to the Guide that I will make in 2023 will best be listed as follows (based on the upcoming schedule):

  1. Minneapolis;
  2. Philadelphia Cream;
  3. Kansas City;
  4. Chicago (AL);
  5. Anaheim;
  6. Milwaukee; and
  7. washington d.c.

With those restrictions out of the way, writing the schedule of the remaining Guide entries for the year is actually quite easy, and for which series.

  1. Atlanta, for the series from June 24 to June 26;
  2. Saint-Louis, for the series from July 12 to July 14;
  3. Los Angeles, for any home game, but certainly by the All-Star Game;
  4. Phoenix, for the September 12-14 series;
  5. San Diego, for the September 27-29 series; and
  6. Denver, because I feel like it (the Dodgers have their last visit to Coors Field in 2022 on the dates I will be visiting).

As some people asked me what I was coming next, so I thought I would oblige. As always, I hope my travels educate, inspire, and provide a unique perspective you wouldn’t otherwise have. See you on the road!

I do have one final update though, which I’m pretty excited about:

Everything until June is now confirmed.
Michael Elizondo / TrueBlue LA


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