OntimeBooks, a traditional publishing house joins the movement for peace in Ukraine


OnTimeBooks, this fledgling publishing house that offers a wide range of books and has surprises in store for writers, will publish a Russian author and a Ukrainian author in one volume in an attempt to prove that literature and art unite and that war artists and writers cannot participate in peaceful combat in the name of dignity, the spread of free thought, peace and the ultimate value of human existence.

OnTimeBooks will help authors make their novels the best they can be. Even the best authors rely on evidence in the form of readers. Readers can be disabled if a book contains errors or contradictions. In fact, many self-published novels have “beginner” grammatical and spelling flaws that irritate readers and cause them to lose faith in the work as a whole. It doesn’t have to be. The organization employs expert proofreaders to ensure that authors’ posts appear and read well. OnTimeBooks has an online store where readers can get published books, Greek books and audiobooks. They also offer comprehensive book publishing, cover design and layout, global distribution, and more. The growth of the written word has been a fantastic time for mankind, but one indisputable result of this linguistic explosion has been an explosion in the number of authors fighting for publication.

OnTimeBooks strives to commemorate all writers as frequently as possible by helping Greek authors and writers gain global recognition through marketing, publishing, and other services! They provide a full range of language services, including localization and transcription. The organization can provide translations in a wide range of languages ​​and will always endeavor to contact linguists, no matter how specific the language. OnTimeBooks can translate various forms of information, from corporate reports to specialized documents, and can also proofread them to ensure native language fluency and quality.

At the same time, tens of thousands of trapped Ukrainians and frightened Russian soldiers – who are deployed in an inhospitable land as would-be invaders – are at the mercy of pernicious political decisions and sinister politicians abusing power. While in Mariupol, desperate Ukrainian civilians prepare for the Great Exodus, like the women at the third siege of Missolonghi, a Ukrainian author Anna Canic from Odissos, Ucraine and a Russian author Alexander Cabishev from St. Petersburg, Russia as a another Lord Byron, will join forces in praising this symbolic Exodus, world Peace, condemning violence and highlighting the essential peacemaking power of art and, more particularly, of literature. The first joint symbolic global edition will be released on March 28, with a view to achieving a ceasefire and unconditional peace, if only for a day.

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