Our readers write: Sea lions, sale


Letters to the Editor:

Technique is key to dealing with people and sea lions

As a part-timer for 10 years here in La Jolla, I am all in favor of visitors being kept away from contact with seals or sea lions during their pupping seasons.

However, I recently experienced a situation where the sea lions were close to the Scripps Park wall. I’m not going to say that someone won’t feel like reaching out and stroking it; however, there was an older female docent who was present yelling at the visitors, threatening to call the police, and taking photos of the visitors looking over the side. She was so angry and irritated that she looked like a wild and crazy person. Everyone was laughing and ignoring him to some degree.

I’m just not sure this is the best technique for a docent in a situation that could have been turned into an educational time in nature instead. Calmness from the docent and sharing the facts about sea lions, while pushing people away, would have been a better time for her, our visitors and especially the sea lions!

Diane Merrill

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La Jolla’s coastline isn’t the place for runaway commerce

La Jolla Cove Underwater Reserve is a rare gift of preservation in a world of development and destruction. The park and the landscape of the children’s pool deserve the same respect. Seeing it overrun with vendors on sidewalks, grass and parking lots is wrong on so many levels.

Ellen Browning Scripps has given San Diego an invaluable gift by protecting this land and nurturing it for the good of the community. Unregulated commerce in the face of one of the most beautiful and important stretches of coastline in the country is, frankly, stupid. Before more irreparable damage is done, I ask the [California] Coastal Commission and law enforcement to take enforcement action.

Winifred Holbrooke

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