Overwatch Fans Confused By ‘Jeff Kaplan’ Writing New Fantastic 4 Movie


News broke that Jeff Kaplan (no, not that one) would be one of the writers for Marvel’s upcoming Fantastic 4 movie, confusing Overwatch fans.

Marvel fans have wondered for years which acclaimed writer or writer would be tapped to write the first MCU installment for the most iconic family in comics.

After the recent announcement that Wandavision director Matt Shakman would helm the film, questions immediately began to arise about the cast and writers.

Now the writers issue has been resolved, much to the confusion of some players.

Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer Announced as Fantastic 4 Writers

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Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer will write Fantastic 4.

Overwatch fans were shocked and confused when Deadline announced that duo Ian Springer and Jeff Kaplan would write the script for Fantastic 4.

Jeff Kaplan, of course, was a former VP of Blizzard and was Overwatch’s senior design director.

Kaplan left Blizzard in 2021, after a 19-year tenure that saw him work on games including Warcraft III and World of Warcraft.

Since then, Kaplan has been relatively quiet about his future in-game or out-of-game projects, so Overwatch and Blizzard fans were quite surprised to see him appear in an article as the writer for a Marvel movie.

Of course, that was just a coincidence, as the Jeff Kaplan in question is different from the one who would give players updates on Overwatch.

The Jeff Kaplan in question is a writer, best known for writing and directing the 2013 film Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship.

As for the Kaplan that Blizzard fans know so well, it remains to be seen what his next adventure will be, whether in gaming or cinema.


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