Phil Hands: Decide to send us a letter to the editor this year | Column



And speaking of disagreement, I decline to publish reader submissions for a wide variety of reasons (most often because we don’t have the time and space to publish them all). But one criterion I don’t consider is whether or not I agree with a writer’s point of view. In fact, I prefer letters that disagree with one of my editorial cartoons, or one of the editorials created by our State Journal Editorial Board.

So don’t think that we won’t consider your letter just because it doesn’t fit our editorial “bias”. We welcome all voices and would like to hear more. This includes a more conservative outlook. We don’t get a lot of it here in Progressive Madison. It includes more views of people of color, although we don’t know the race or ethnicity of a letter writer unless they cite it in their letter. And we would love to receive more submissions from young people.

So, over the coming year, join the 1,132 people who care enough about their community to put a pen on paper (or more likely a finger on a keyboard or touchscreen) to share their opinions.

Just send about 200 words to [email protected], and please include your address and phone number for verification. You can also send a letter online at We receive almost 10,000 submissions per year, and only a fraction is published. If your first letter is not selected, try again in a few weeks.



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