Proud Boys member mulls plea deal on Capitol seat, court filing says


ROCHESTER, NY (AP) — A Rochester man identified as a member of the Proud Boys who allegedly smashed a window in the Capitol on Jan. 6 to let rioters in is planning to plead guilty, according to a recent court filing.

A recent filing by Dominic Pezzola’s lawyer said Pezzola accepts responsibility for his actions and wants to make amends. It was unclear whether a plea deal had been offered.

Pezzola faces charges of conspiracy and assaulting, resisting or obstructing a Capitol Police officer. Pezzola and fellow Proud Boy William Pepe were originally charged last month with offenses including unlawful entry into a restricted building, before prosecutors added the more serious charge of conspiracy.

The far-right group is known for violent clashes with anti-fascists and other ideological opponents during protests.

Authorities said Pezzola tore off an officer’s shield and used it to smash a window and allow other rioters to enter. He was also reportedly seen on video inside the Capitol with a cigar, having what he called a “victory smoke” and bragging that he “knew we could get the upper hand.”

An unidentified witness told the FBI that Pezzola was with a group on Capitol Hill whose members said they would have killed anyone they found, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Deputy Speaker Mike Pence era, prosecutors say.

In the court filing, Pezzola’s attorney wrote that Pezzola, a six-year Navy reservist who was honorably discharged, participated in the Capitol breach, but “there is no evidence or assertion that ‘he ever physically hurt anyone there,” the Rochester Democrat said. and Chronicle reported.


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