REINVESTMENT: New Braunfels Accepting Arts and Heritage Grant Applications | Community alert


The City of New Braunfels is now accepting applications from tax-exempt nonprofit arts and heritage organizations for funds raised through the local hotel occupancy tax.

The city ordinance requires that 15% of hotel resort tax revenue be allocated annually to enhance the city’s arts and culture organizations and programs.

The grant funds awarded each year depend on the previous year’s tourist tax receipts. Council members allocated approximately $659,000 to local arts and heritage programs from funds raised in 2021.

Eligible art-related programs include instrumental and vocal music, dance, drama, folk art, creative writing, architecture, design and related fields, painting, sculpture, photography , graphic arts and crafts, film, radio, television, tape and sound recording. , and other arts related to the presentation, performance, execution and exhibition of these major art forms.

Arts organizations that received a grant last year included Brauntex Performing Arts Theater Association, Inc., Christian Youth Theater San Antonio, Circle Arts Theatre, Greater New Braunfels Arts Council, Mid-Texas Symphony Society, New Braunfels Art League, Performing Arts Academy of New Braunfels, New Braunfels Outdoor Art Gallery, $9,994; New Braunfels Area Quilt Guild and American Dance Company Productions.

Eligible heritage-related grants include organizations or programs that support the enhancement of historic restoration and preservation projects or activities or the advertising and carrying out of solicitations and promotional programs to encourage tourists and delegates to convention to visit historical sites or preserved museums.

Heritage organizations that received funding last year included the Heritage Society of New Braunfels, the New Braunfels Conservation Society, the New Braunfels Historic Railroad & Modelers Society, and the Sophienburg Archives and History Museum.

“We look forward to receiving applications from our local arts and heritage organizations,” said New Braunfels Town Clerk Gayle Wilkinson. “The City Clerk’s Office is committed to providing assistance to these organizations with the goal of making the application process as easy as possible.”

Organizations must be 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations to be eligible for grants.

Completed applications must be uploaded to the City Clerk’s Office online portal no later than 5 p.m. on October 31. Applications will go through a formal review process before board members allocate the funds in early 2023.

Applications are available online at For more information, call the City Clerk’s office at 830-221-3010.


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