Roxy Mitchell is taking the film industry by storm


Los Angeles-based filmmaker Roxy Mitchell is recognized for her work in the industry, having written and produced three feature films during her colorful career. She has won numerous awards and was named a finalist in several other respectable competitions. Despite her undeniable success, Roxy has remained humbled and inspired to elevate her craft, choosing to focus more on being a screenwriter in recent years.

Today, she’s working on “Elektra,” a punk-rock musical comedy-drama that explores the convergence of self-discovery, rebellion, and love. Her creativity always tends to be able to tell the stories that aren’t told, including putting people of color at the forefront of her projects. On the contrary, Roxy likes to be divergent when it comes to her original projects. Ultimately, she places a high value on authenticity, knowing that moviegoers are always drawn to projects that introduce a whole new experience.

Roxy studied film at UC Santa Cruz. Interestingly, she studied screenwriting for a total of eight years, owing a lot of who she is today to the mentors she worked with while there. “I think filmmaking is an amazing way to impact the world. I want to make a difference in people’s lives by giving them a sense of peace and belonging through storytelling,” he said. she explains.

Roxy fully understands how entertainment and film businesses can reach out, especially young talent just starting out. For one, the opportunities for aspiring screenwriters, like many key positions, aren’t always easy. But Roxy has this to say: “Keep writing, even if you’re not 100% sure of your work. Learning is always happening. Even the best writers started at the bottom.

Like all other careers, being a filmmaker or screenwriter is not a walk in the park. Roxy’s formula for success is made up of very familiar attributes that many people tend to overlook. But every time they look at what she has achieved in life, Roxy wants them to realize that she only practiced values ​​common to many. “The key to success is perseverance. Win despite failure, don’t give up when you’re told ‘no’, and don’t let others determine your abilities,” she explained.

Right now, Roxy is actively looking for the right producer to bring “Elektra” to life. His short-term goal at this point in his career is to produce and broadcast “Elektra”. Although there are many talented producers in the entertainment industry today who can do this, Roxy isn’t looking for someone who just has the talent. She hopes to find someone who shares her vision and ideals as a filmmaker and screenwriter and someone committed enough to take her project to the next level. Here are some recent awards she won: Best Comedy Feature Script at the Big Apple Film Festival, Best Comedy Script at the New York International Film Awards, Best Comedy Script at the Oniros Film Awards, Gold Award in Script Writing in the WRPN Screenplay Competition, and Best Character in a Screenplay at the Die Laughing Film Festival.

As for her long-term goal, Roxy intends to be instrumental in changing the nature of the film industry. She wants to lead the industry towards more inclusiveness, especially when it comes to screenwriters. Additionally, she aspires to one day create her own production company that will give a voice to marginalized groups.

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