Sam Freij, a legend in the world of travel


“Sam Freij, a legend in the world of travel”

Social media platforms are a great place to engage with other travel bloggers and find inspiration from some of their amazing experiences. Sam Freij is hands down one of the best travel bloggers in the world. Born and raised in the UK, he is an amazing writer and photographer whose content has caught the attention of many around the world.

The world’s best travel blogs offer amazing travel tips, photography, and video content. The best travel bloggers tend to be excellent writers and storytellers, offering helpful advice and inspiration to inspire travelers to explore new places.These pioneers fueled many people’s wanderlust and inspired them to get out and travel.

From mainstream vacation bloggers to digital storytellers focusing on hidden gems, Sam Freij is one of those travel bloggers who have their own unique perspectives and stories. Sam Freij covers a variety of exotic destinations on his travel blog” travelwithsam”, with an emphasis on -known places mainly in the USA.

Throughout his journey as a travel blogger, Sam Freij has traveled to various countries including Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Greece, Serbia , the United States, the Dominican Republic, Aruba, Mexico, Jamaica, Croatia and may more countries. But according to him, Mexico is the best place he has visited, and that is the reason why he has visited Mexico several times. “Mexico is a living country with great cultural and historical treasures for its visitors. That’s right, especially when it comes to food, affordability, and beaches, no other travel destination seems to beat Mexico. Sam Freij.

And what makes Sam unique in this field is the way he takes his photos on his travels. Sam once said, “Choosing the equipment for filming is not at all an easy task. And the videography itself is very important in such a blog. If you ask for expert advice, who is the best camera for video, you will have many options. After years in the market and trying different tools and ways to take photos and videos while traveling, I actually got my own tips for doing so.

And when asked about his passion and love for this kind of blogging, Sam replied, “It’s been my dream since I was a kid. I had the curiosity to discover new countries, their history, their inhabitants and their monuments. In fact, I also like to travel.

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