Shane Dunaway: Coach/Principal Brown, you snubbed yourself – The Selma Times‑Journal


On Sunday, the Alabama Sports Writers Association announced its selections to all-state boys’ and girls’ basketball teams, and five student-athletes from four schools in our coverage area earned spots on those teams.

When our student-athletes are recognized at the state level for their achievements in the sports they play, it is a significant moment that reflects well on the individuals, players around them who played a supporting role in their successes and the coaches who motivated and led these players to glory.

Unfortunately, there’s always someone trying to steal the show, even though he’s had the opportunity to get his players recognized if he didn’t let his ego get in the way and followed a simple process. .

Southside manager and women’s basketball coach Cedric Brown decided to voice his displeasure in a Thursday Facebook post.

“I’m going to say it and go back into hiding… It’s clear that basketball hasn’t been black belted at all this season!” Congratulations to all who made it and kudos to those who got snubbed!

Mr. Brown, do you realize that two players from your school’s men’s basketball team made the national team?

Perhaps you should ask Kelvin Lett, the boys’ coach, how this process works given that his players got the recognition they rightly deserved. He went to bat for his players and sent James Jones, The Selma Times-JournaI editor, relevant statistics in support of his nominations.

I’m sure the other coaches whose players have been selected have gone through the same process. I also know that James has made numerous attempts by phone and Facebook post to contact all of our coaches for nominations in all states. Nobody is playing favorites here, and that process isn’t rocket science. If you don’t nominate your players and provide your stats, then how is anyone here supposed to lobby on behalf of your players with ASWA?

I hope you realize how incredibly petty and unseemly your tantrums on social media are starting to sound. As someone charged with being a good example both to a group of talented young athletes and to the entire student body, you should be above such behavior.

Your team has had a commendable season, but your self-inflicted actions continue to spoil all the good. That direct message you sent to James Friday the morning is not beautiful either.

You snubbed yourself and your team.


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