Shift Ctrl & Esc with RGBlogger’s RV Camping Magazine


Learn about the RV lifestyle through RGBlogger’s RV Camping magazine.

Those looking to get away from the daily grind of city life, shift control, and escape to a relaxed lifestyle can be soul cleansing. Over 20% of all Americans have found this escape through an RV vacation.

Creating the right kind of RV vacation to that bucket list destination or nearby campground can seem overwhelming without the right knowledge. RV Camping Magazine shares knowledge, tips and tricks from top RV influencers and guest writers who have learned everything from their years of living in the RV Lifestyle.

Asked about the magazine’s goals, RGBlogger creator Mike Scarpignato replied, “The ultimate goal is to entertain, educate and enlighten our readers on all things VR. Since the beginning, we have provided our RGBlogger friends (known as RGBlogger Bunch) with persistent style information through our blog posts and YouTube videos. RV Camping Magazine offers our readers a deep dive into the news and current events happening at this time. We also want to give the public the opportunity to hear from other contributors from the VR world. »

RGBlogger’s motto is “Shift Ctrl & Esc” (shift control and escape), using the four characters of the computer keyboard as metaphors to change your perspective on life. Taking time for a liberating long drive and a memorable experience away from the concrete and deadlines is achievable through the RV lifestyle.

Creators Mike Scarpignato and Susan McDonald started RGBlogger from their own VR adventures. Their blog and YouTube channel gave them the opportunity to share what they learned and what they discover every day. RGBlogger fans discover new VR models every week on their YouTube channel which has a strong focus on VR tours and reviews. Beginners and veterans alike get insightful advice from hundreds of helpful articles on their website. Best of all, readers and viewers know they can trust Mike and Susan because they only recommend the products they use themselves.

To accommodate everyone’s social media style, RGBlogger has created a Facebook group called “RV Camping for Newbies”. It serves as a platform for everyone to come together to share experiences and advice. Without a doubt, RGBlogger has created a strong online presence to share their passion for VR.

RGBlogger continued to make a name for themselves when they launched RV Camping Magazine in June 2021. Mike and Susan continue their VR style by writing for those who live the RV lifestyle with their monthly digital magazine. The numerous feature articles come from guest writers and present different aspects of VR.

When readers subscribe to this 100% free magazine, they travel with the writers as they explore new places, find inspiration, learn valuable information, and enjoy the experience all at the same time. RV Camping Magazine’s rapid growth in popularity within the RV community continues to accelerate with each issue.

Learn more about how to move Ctrl and Esc in the VR lifestyle with RGB recorder and Motorhome magazine.

Currently, RGBlogger has a loyal and growing fan base.

• 1 million organic viewers per month
• 56,000 members on the RV Camping for Newbies Facebook group
• More than 114,000 subscribers on the YouTube channel
• Recommends only products they actually use
• Mike and Susan are active caravanners
• Interviews include RV Lifestyle, The RV Geeks, Mark Polk of RV Education 101, Less Junk More Journey, You Me & the RV, Changing Lanes and many more.

About RGBlogger:

Mike Scarpignato and Susan McDonald of RGB recorder launched their website on 2/12/2018, YouTube channel on 8/9/2019 and Facebook on 1/7/2020.

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