The Mindful Mermaid offers mermaid lessons


Honolulu (KHON2) – Locally owned and operated on Maui, The Mindful Mermaid offers mermaid lessons suitable for all ages and levels of swimming ability.

Since 2013, the Mindful Mermaid has been offering mermaid lessons aimed at raising awareness of the techniques and joys of mermaid tail swimming, with an understanding of safe underwater navigation.

“I have taught scuba and snuba diving for many years. As a PADI Instructor, I am able to write and design the curriculum for my own courses, so I have written two distinctive mermaid specialties and I started teaching them in the swimming pool where the weather was not affecting the classes. They have become so popular. Our classes are not only for children, I also teach certification classes for adults, and even advanced courses covering rescues and freediving techniques in the ocean,” says Sara Ferguson, Mermaid Instructor at PADI.

In addition to diving and snuba lessons, Ferguson and his team teach ocean care to locals and those visiting Hawaii.

Ferguson says, “We are guardians of the sea, protecting what we love. Rather, it’s about choosing non-toxic sunscreen or picking up some plastic before a sea turtle thinks it’s a jellyfish and eats it; I love teaching my students fun facts about our Hawaiian wildlife and the things they can do to protect it. Mermaids are from the sea after all. We must be its guardians for future generations.

Those interested in learning more about courses taught at PADI and lessons at Mindful Mermaid are encouraged to visit their official websites.

PADI Mermaid Center website:

Mindful Mermaids website:


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