Top 10 Machine Learning Jobs to Apply for in March 2022


by Satavisa Pati

March 8, 2022

If you want a career in machine learning, here are the best jobs to apply for

machine learning is the field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. ML is one of the most exciting technologies one would ever come across. As its name suggests, it gives the computer what makes it more human-like: the ability to learn. machine learning is actively used today, perhaps in many more places than one might think. here are the Top 10 machine learning jobs to apply in March 2022.

Software Engineer at Ford Motor Company

The candidate for this position will play the role of PDO Software Engineer. He will understand, develop, test and deploy new product features and provide product support. It is also their responsibility to establish and adhere to Ford’s standard DevOps tools and processes and contribute or participate in all agile ceremonies and update gatherings on a daily basis. He is also responsible for resolving any technical debts or performance issues and must follow quality standards and meet delivery time commitments. He will work in collaboration with the other teams of the product line and the product line integration team. He will also need to coordinate with other teams such as interfaces and ITO teams to ensure seamless delivery.

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Machine Learning Engineer at AfterShoot Inc.

The majority of the candidate’s work will be in the area of ​​image classification and object detection in addition to basic ML. He will have to work with the product and R&D team to understand the business objectives and help bring them to life with ML/AI. He can take the machine learning models and optimize them for performance, speed, and size. He will also have to research new technologies and best practices and ensure that they are up to date.

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Research Scientist – Reinforcement Learning, Causal Machine Learning, Personalization at Adobe

The company is looking for a Data Science Researcher with strong publication experience at high-level conferences to define and lead areas of research that will transform digital marketing by enabling better execution, analysis and planning of marketing activities for Adobe’s Experience customers. Cloud. Job responsibilities include developing and leading areas of research, publishing in leading conferences and journals, collaborating with product teams to turn research advances into impactful product features, and collaborating with university laboratories.

To apply here.

Research Scientist – Machine Learning / Research Scientist – Enterprise Operations Research at GE

The Physical Digital Analytics group is passionate about combining domain models with operations research, machine learning and natural language processing, for industrial applications such as medical equipment for healthcare, energy (gas, wind, steam), aviation and manufacturing in order to prevent failures in this equipment, increase its lifespan and optimize its performance. The candidate should be very passionate and an enthusiastic player in solving applied research problems in the industry segments discussed above by creating and implementing algorithms for operations optimization and machine learning. The candidate should have demonstrated research experience in the areas of analytics with strong mathematical competence and the ability to connect physics-based methods with advanced artificial intelligence techniques. The candidate should document the results in patent disclosures and high-quality, peer-reviewed publications. Must be eager to work in a global team, work with GE Business and customers to define problems, work with experienced and dynamic researchers to develop next-generation industrial AI breakthroughs. The candidate must be an excellent teammate and willing to engage in interdisciplinary research.

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Research Scientist – Machine Learning at Abacus.AI

Ideal candidates for this position should have a Ph.D. and have publications in one of the above fields. Must have strong programming skills, especially in implementing and iterating deep learning techniques from recent research papers. This job requires quickly iterating on new ideas with engineers, writing code, and publishing at top machine learning conferences.

To apply here.

Machine Learning Researcher at Eludata

As an ML researcher in the product team, the candidate will have the opportunity to apply artificial intelligence to curate data, enabling researchers to solve complex biological problems. The company is looking for someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit and is enthusiastic about ML and product issues in the field of data science.

To apply here.

Applied Machine Learning Researcher at Microsoft

Partner with MCDS delivery teams to improve quality of work and deliverables through state of the art

Applicants will be required to research fundamental ML/AI techniques and advance the state of the art with respect to the above businesses by implementing the required algorithms/models on the MS Azure stack listed below. above. He will file patents and publish articles regarding the above new algorithms/techniques and ensure his presence in the best internal (MLADS, MSJAR) and external ML conferences and journals in consultation with peers and the maintainer.

To apply here.

Machine Learning Engineer at Conga

Applicants must have a 3.0+ GPA in a computer science or data science program at a 4-year university. MS preferred. They should also have at least 4 years of experience in commercial text-based machine learning (Location: Remote India). The ability to understand complex problems, break them down into a set of testable hypotheses, implement bug-free experiments, analyze results, and generate insights, solutions, and next steps for analysis. They are also expected to work mostly independently and collaborate in small teams. Autonomous solution finder.

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NLP and Machine Learning Engineer at UniQreate

As a core member of the company’s Data Science team, the candidate will support the project(s) focusing on NER, classification, data processing, supervised and unsupervised modeling techniques and analysis large unstructured/textual datasets.

To apply here.

Machine Learning Engineer at 7-Eleven

The company will design and develop machine learning and data science solutions for 7-Eleven’s retail challenges and operationalize the solutions through the automation of data pipelines. They will be expected to experiment with off-the-shelf libraries and/or create custom solutions using a deep understanding of statistical algorithms. It is also their responsibility to engage with business stakeholders in areas of customization, supply chain, inventory management, labor management, etc. it will require challenging yourself and others in continuous improvement through proof of concept, industry research, internal and external model. oven cooking.

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