Vietnamese Language Textbooks Launched in Germany | Company

The covers of three bilingual German-Vietnamese books were launched in Berlin on July 24. (Photo: VNA)

Berlin (VNA) – Three German-Vietnamese bilingual books were launched in Berlin to help the Vietnamese community in the country understand the Vietnamese language and Culture.

They were compiled by Ngo Thi Bich Thu, a vietnamese language lecturer in Germany and her husband Martin Großheim, professor of Vietnamese and Southeast Asian history at Seoul National University in the Republic of Korea.

The first book, which includes around 1,500 common idioms and proverbs, is the first bilingual of its kind to be published in Germany. Meanwhile, the other two, titled “Modern Vietnamese 1” and “Modern Vietnamese 2”, not only make it easy to learn Vietnamese language and culture, but also contain lots of up-to-date information about Vietnam in various fields. . .

Stemming from the couple’s enthusiasm and love for Vietnamese culture as well as the students’ need to learn more about Vietnamese idioms and proverbsthe couple decided to publish a book on this issue.

Publishing two books will help improve the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, Großheim said, adding that each topic is carefully translated and explained in German.

According to Thu, it is not easy to publish the books because it takes a lot of effort and perseverance./.



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