Welcome to Maine Public’s Passport to Adventure!


Maine Public Passport 2022

At Maine Public, the Maine Office of Tourism, LLBean, and the Maine Turnpike Authority, we encourage you all to explore every corner of Maine this summer!

There are sixteen counties in Maine with experiences and treasures waiting for you! We’ve created a special guide – Maine Public’s Passport to Adventure – for your next great adventure as you leave no stone unturned in search of incredible new experiences through this wondrous state.

We’ve included some suggestions for places to visit in each Maine county and provided some games to play along the way. Travel safe and have fun!

You can find your copy of Maine Public’s Passport to Adventure at all Maine Tourism Association Visitor Centers across the state, at each Service Plaza on the Maine Turnpike, and at each of the Maine Public’s studios. in Bangor, Lewiston and Portland.

Download and print one HERE or you can request a copy by emailing us at [email protected] or writing to us at: Maine Public, 323 Marginal Way, Portland, Maine, 04101.

LL Bean Tent

Wait, wait, don't tell me the logo

Throughout Maine Public’s Passport to Adventure, you’ll find a number of limericks based on one of our FAVORITE radio shows – Wait, wait… Don’t tell me! We’ve left the last word or phrase blank on each one for you to fill in. Think you know the right endings? Choose ONE that you are 100% sure of and send it to us to be entered into the draw for a LLBean 6-person tent. Send your response(s) to:
[email protected] or by writing to us at Maine Public, 323 Marginal Way, Portland, Maine, 04101.

Have a safe and adventurous summer!


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