What’s Your Choice? ”Is insightful work exploring a myriad of issues facing people of color in America.



Dr Clarence Riggins, originally from a small town in Dry Branch, Georgia, a graduate of the University of Phoenix and a chapter member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, and a United States Army veteran who served for twenty years before retiring as first sergeant to pursue a management career in the US Postal Service, completed his new book “Seen or Unseen: What Is Your Choice?” : Thoughtful work probing the realities of race in the United States.

The author writes: “The chapters of this book represent national events combined with personal experiences. I felt like all adults at some point in their life witnessed something good or bad but decided not to intervene. Many readers have likely seen an unskilled person on the job knowing the right things to say, and have been promoted far beyond their skill set. You wonder if anyone other than you is seeing what is going on. Perhaps from the book a reader can get some information about why there seems to be no neighbors. A long list of possible behaviors may be helpful to people other than the reader. From this laundry list one can become enlightened and see that many lists are quite common to where they live. A highlight for the author is the mention of Black-on-Black crimes. There is a cry for help, even from the author’s point of view. Our leaders are keenly aware that the problem is real, but there appears to be little or no emphasis on solving it.

“Racial discrimination” is a sensitive term. Many of the words mentioned in the book may have matured and passed their expiration date. As a black man, I often think these words are used too loosely, and it seems to have a chilling effect on the real cause. I wanted all readers to know that there has never been a request for repair. If ever there was a decision for reparations, what would be the criteria for blacks with enslaved ancestors? The book was also written to stimulate those who knowingly have information about a solution to get involved and not to accept the encounter as “invisible.” For all, our nation is changing – in color, in thoughts and in protest. Do you see or don’t you see the change? What is your choice and what will be your involvement?

Published by Page Publishing, Dr. Clarence Riggins’ compelling book is a stimulating choice for students on the relationship between race and history in America.

Readers who wish to discover this exciting work can purchase “Seen or invisible: what is your choice? In bookstores around the world, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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