Where to pre-order SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive Mini 2


If you missed the news, Sega has announced that it will bring the next SEGA Genesis Mini 2 (Where SEGA Mega Drive Mini 2) in the west, as well as the company’s homeland, Japan. If you want to get one, you have absolutely come to the right place.

If you want to know more about the mini console before you buy it, be sure to check out our dedicated guide: Mega Drive Mini 2 Games List – Every Genesis Game and Mega CD Announced. The system will be launched on October 27.

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Where to pre-order SEGA Genesis Mini 2 in North America

In North America, SEGA has confirmed that the Genesis Mini 2 will be exclusive to Amazon. The product page has already appeared below, but with a rather surprising price of $103.80 at the time of writing.

Naturally, since the console is supposed to be exclusive to Amazon, you won’t find it anywhere else:

What about Europe?

The console has yet to be confirmed for release in Europe. If that happens, we’ll post all the buying links you need right here in this guide.

Pre-order the Japanese SEGA Mega Drive Mini 2

If you’re happy enough with the Japanese edition of the console, or just want one for your collection anyway, sites like Amazon Japan and Play-Asia offer international shipping.

Where to buy the original SEGA Genesis Mini

Mini Hero Genesis

Stock of the original SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive Mini is not easy to find these days, especially at normal prices. Our dedicated buying guide has links to the original product pages of all the major retailers that stocked the console when it was readily available, but expect prices to be well above RRP these days. – if there are any left!

Your best bet might actually be to research the system on eBay. Good luck!

Are you happy that the Genesis/Mega Drive Mini 2 is launched in the west? Do you plan to take one? Let us know at the usual place.


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