Why networking is more important than ever


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Editor / Elizabeth Shultz, President of Shultz Career Consulting
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In a time of uncertainty with our current job market, we are all stretching our comfort zones and doing our best to adapt. So how do you hold on? How do you stay relevant as a professional in a constant state of flux? More importantly, what do you do if you find yourself unemployed?

Take comfort in knowing that there are constants, and you probably already know at least one.

Networking. Thisis not a dirty word. Most people can cite a time when they got a job through a personal connection. The following techniques will help you be more effective in networking and self-promotion. Even if you’re not looking for a new job, these techniques can help you stay relevant and preserve your current position by adding to the value you bring to the employer.

You know everyone you need to know

Think about the ties you have with family, co-workers, acquaintances, neighbors, local businesses you frequent, fellow churchgoers, etc. Then think about who they know. Where there is a will, therehis connection. These connections help businesses grow, strengthen communities and create employment opportunities.

Presence on social networks

This is your universal platform to sell yourself, and itfree advertising. Not only do you want to make yourself known to potential employers, but youYou’re also creating and adding value to your current employer by having a strong social media presence.

Use only high-quality, professional profile photos.

No matter what sites you use, be careful with your posts. Refrain from polarizing comments or politically charged posts. Even if your profile is set to private, you might be surprised who can see it, especially when commenting on someone else.the page.

Rest assured, employers check you before your interview or before offering you a job offer. If you are havent already, google yourself.

LinkedIn is your friend

LinkedIn is a great tool for connecting and notno need to be intimidating. Everyone should have a well-developed profile with a concise summary. If you’re struggling to create them, there are online tutorials and professional services to help you.

To be active. Like other peoples, and directly message people to get to know them better. Request connections. Join private industry-related groups. Remember that everyone started with zero connections. Thiss the combined power of networking.

Be ready with a great CV

Going forward, resumes will be more important than ever as the job market becomes more competitive. Hiring managers and human resources staff members often have to sift through piles of online applications. You want to stand out and you only have a few seconds to do it.

Writing your own CV can be difficult and can seem awkward. Hiring a professional can be helpful. Once youI have a good CV, use it to network. Post it on your profile on LinkedIn or on job search sites like Indeed or CareerBuilder. Also, it will make a difference if you are applying for a promotion within your current company.

Online networking

Many organizations organize online networking events. In some ways, these can be less daunting than in-person networking. Look for opportunities in professional organizations related to your field through these groupswebsites or your local chamber of commerce.

Remote job fairs

Many recruiters and representatives hold career fairs online or as an in-person contactless drive-thru option. Revise your etiquette to better promote yourself. Look around the room and speak professionally. Even if you’re just testing the waters for emerging opportunities, it doesn’tit hurts to reach out and network. You never know when you might need that connection.


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