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Danville resident Sallie Dawkins self-published a three-part book series on November 15, all three of which made bestseller lists on Amazon.

Dawkins has described his Awakening Christian book series as a missionary guide that recounts his personal testimony of the transition from a complacent Christian to a Christian healing evangelist. The titles of the books in order are “You Can Hear the Voice of God Through All Your Spiritual Senses”, “You Can Know the Heart of God for Your Life” and “You Can Share the Love of God with Others. . “

This series is Dawkins’ first experience in book publishing. Exceeding his expectations, the three books sold 243 copies in the first 16 days of publication and ranked very high in several categories on Amazon.

“It’s a supernatural miracle; that’s all I can say, ”Dawkins said.

Amazon rankings are updated hourly. On November 29, the first and third books were number one and two in the Christian Ministry for Adults category. On December 1, the books were ranked one through three in Christian Theology of Pneumatology. On December 6, the first book was number one in Christian Bible Handbooks, and the third book was number three. The books have also been categorized as Christian Leadership, Christian Liberation Theology, and Christian Sacraments, among others.

Unconventionally, Dawkins published all three books on the same day. She said the recommendation for self-publishers is to wait a month or two to publish the second book, and so on, but God told her to publish them at the same time.

“I woke up on [the publishing] day, and the Lord said, “Go ahead and publish all these books today”; and I wasn’t expecting it, but that’s what I did, ”Dawkins said. “My part of this commission was to write the books, and it was always [God’s] part to put them in the hands of the people who need to read them.

She started writing the books in October 2020. With plans for just one book, it turned into three books in 10 weeks.

Dawkins is an intercessory missionary commissioned by a church in Belleville, Illinois. An intercessor is someone who prays on behalf of someone else or elsewhere, such as nations or groups of people, cities, governments, the education system, etc. As an intercessory missionary, Dawkins goes to pray wherever she feels God is sending her.

In the summer of 2020, Dawkins visited 16 states and prayed in all the states. She also speaks to women’s groups and conferences, and is an expert in teaching people how to hear the voice of the Lord. His series of books help people practice listening to the voice of God.

In September 2015, Dawkins had a spiritual encounter that led her to become a missionary. She had been a Christian for 24 years, but had faced a multitude of health issues and was beginning to doubt her faith.

She was diagnosed with cancer, multiple surgeries, chronic pain that led to depression, PTSD, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative joint disorders, lupus, fibromyalgia, and other issues. Doctors could not help her beyond prescribing many drugs.

But when she visited the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, a group of children aged 5 to 12 laid hands on Dawkins and prayed for her healing.

“I felt an immediate healing, and it made me jealous,” Dawkins said. “These children prophesied on people, laid hands on and healed people. I said, ‘Lord, if you can do this for these children, you can do it for me too;’ and he did.

Dawkins’ first book tells more about this testimony and answers questions frequently asked by other Christians. The second book teaches people how to grow in their faith and know God better, and the third book teaches people how to share their own testimonies in evangelism.

Dawkins said the books are not for everyone, they are for Christians who want to grow in spiritual maturity. In addition to telling everyone in his life about the books, Dawkins is affiliated with several churches that help spread the news of the books.

Dawkins arrived in Danville in September 2019 and this is the 48th place she has lived. It is part of Faith Church on the Danville ring road.

“I’m already getting testimonials from people who read the books, saying how they relate to them, and they believe that because

I have been so transparent in sharing my testimony and my journey with the Lord that they received healing, ”said Dawkins.

Books are currently only available on Amazon in eBook, Paperback, Hardback, and Large Print formats. The hardback books will be available to bookstores around the world in the coming weeks.



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